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It is still our belief that to achieve the highest goals possible you have to set your goals higher and higher every year. It is our opinion that to compete at the highest level it is important to introduce the winning genes from multiple performing individuals and multiple winning families, that are capable of performing at the top of the prize list week after week… read more about us

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Quievrain ~ 19th April 2014.. ‘Blue Baron’ wins again..

This is NL11-3033847 ‘Blue Baron’… – Yesterday we had the third race of the old bird programme when the birds were liberated from Quievrain a distance of around 175 km from Nieuwendijk. The strong North East headwind resulted in a tough contest with arrivals well split up. Club 348 birds…1st,7th,9th,12th,19th,21st with 16 prizes from 31 […]

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The Duif Chronicles Online

PF 5 foto 3  dochter 31 final

Pigeon Fever 5 ~ Opportunities and threats within the pigeon sport…Henk Simonsz

Nice slender and delicate hen of the line of the ‘National King’. Her young will have a chance to prove themselves this year in the Balkanic Fair Play one-loft race. * Now that I have stepped back into the pigeon sport with enthusiastic and fresh eyes, I have noticed several things which in my opinion […]

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