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It is still our belief that to achieve the highest goals possible you have to set your goals higher and higher every year. It is our opinion that to compete at the highest level it is important to introduce the winning genes from multiple performing individuals and multiple winning families, that are capable of performing at the top of the prize list week after week… read more about us

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Warlord x Lady Luck snap

Two Perfect Grizzle Youngsters For Sale…

*These are two really good quality grizzle youngsters for sale. They are bred from a son of our basic breeding pair ‘The Young Couple’ when paired to a direct daughter of Hermans – Leekens super breeding cock ‘Lucky Luke’. I coupled this pair together for a pair of late bred’s to see what the youngsters […]

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The Duif Chronicles Online

AS Pigeonfever deel 10 foto 3

Pigeon Fever ~ ACE-FOUR-EVER (part 10) by Henk Simonsz…

*Co Verbree proudly shows the ‘Anita’, daughter of the ‘Limo’ and a beauty in the hand. In 2011, she managed to become the best hen of the Netherlands and in 2012, 4th best hen. Both titles in the WHZB competition. 1995 We have now come to 1995, the birth year of the small 95-230. The […]

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