Price Brothers and Son~ 1st Section in back to back Nationals with the same yearling hen!!

Posted July 6, 2015 in News
Bandit & Moonglow

I spoke with Steve Price yesterday regarding his latest super result from the Midland National’s race from Ancenis last Saturday. His fantastic blue hen  GB2014A46975 won 1st Section 93 members sent 745 birds and 2nd Open 650 members sent 5,612 birds. This is the same hen that won in the last MNFC race from carentan […]

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Gary Inkley ~ 1st Section E…2nd Open NFC Saintes

Posted July 5, 2015 in News
Gary Inkley

I had a very welcome telephone call from Gary Inkley of Uxbridge to report his fantastic success of 1st Section E and 2nd Open in yesterdays National Flying Club race from Saintes a distance of 400 miles to Gary. N.F.C. Saintes is one of the most prestigious classic races to win and congratulations are offered […]

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Het Spoor der Kampioenen article…

Posted June 29, 2015 in News

Here is a nice article in the Dutch Pigeon Sport Magazine ‘Het Spoor der Kampioenen’ reporting our win from Sens in Rayon 3 (Union de Baronie) Brabant 2000 a few weeks ago…

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