Sayers Brothers, 1st Club,1st Federation,1st Section ,2nd UNC 18,500 birds,2nd NEHU Open approx 26,000 birds Eastbourne!

Posted May 16, 2017 in News

*Granger bred by Mike Ganus from the great Rocket winner of 1st Dutch National Ace WHZB 1996 ..Granger is still fertile at 17 years of age…testament to the vitality of this outstanding bloodline…. I had a call from my friend Brian Clennan of Whitby with the good news that he had bred the winner of […]

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Melun Andrezel ~13th May 2017…

Posted May 15, 2017 in News

*This is Lewis a super performing son of Outlaw and Kirsty (Drum x Gerrie) and  he is the sire of our first bird this week.    First midfond race of the season took place from Melun Andrezel a distance of around 380 km to Nieuwendijk on Saturday 13th May 2017. Club 361 birds…3rd,6th,14th,20th Altena & […]

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Morlincourt 6th May 2017 ~ Moving up !

Posted May 7, 2017 in News

Yesterday was our fifth race of the season that was flown from Morlincourt a distance of around 280 km to Nieuwendijk. For the third week in a row and four weeks out of five we once again had a very testing race indeed with slow speeds and erratic arrivals.  This week our own team performed […]

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