Champions Reveal Their Untold Secrets…Victor Vansalen

November 19, 2013

UPDATE 8th December 2013…Another 8 copies of ‘Champions Reveal’ have been found.

All factory shrink wrapped and in mint condition.  If any one is interested we will have them for sale on our stand in the Blackpool Show.

The Duif magazine who published the classic Victor Vansalen Book ‘Champions Reveal’  have found 6 brand new English copies factory shrink wrapped in their stores and sent them to us to sell. They thought they had sold out but these 6 copies were hidden away by mistake in a stack of Dutch language versions.

We will sell four of them at £60.00 each. Two will be kept for our library.

We will have them on our stand in Doncaster next Saturday or if we still have them they will offer them in Blackpool.

Call Peter on 07836 334 954 if interested.

This is the very last mint condition copies available.

Champions Reveal Their Untold Secrets– by Victor Vansalen. Interviews with Dr. Norbert Peeters, Luci and Antoon van der Wegen, Maurice Casaert, Eugene Pochet, Gaby Vandenabeele, the Herbots Brothers, Jan Hermans & Rob Hoekstra, Jos Thone’ and others present a wealth of information for successful racing. Hardbound, 527 pages with numerous color photographs.

3 comments on “Champions Reveal Their Untold Secrets…Victor Vansalen

    • Hi Roman Brothers,
      I am very sorry but the last English edition sold last year. It is now out of print. If one becomes available I will contact you. From time to time a copy becomes available on ebay. Maybe you could take a look.
      Best regards,
      Peter Fox

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