6th,10th,12th Section W Fougeres NFC …

July 26, 2017


This is our good cock GB14V39593 who scored 6th Section W in the NFC race from Fougeres yesterday. Being the most north westerly loft in the National  we had to contend with a stiff north westerly headwind for the entire race, resulting in a velocity of 945 ypm.

This brave cock was also our first bird in his last race from Ypres with the Welsh South East National where he scored 6th North Section with a velocity of 879 ypm!

He is bred for these kind of conditions being mainly the Klamper bloodline of Cor de Heijde. He has well and truly earned his perch for next year when we will be aimed at Tarbes.

Pedigree for GB14V39593 6th Section W Fougeres NFC and 6th North Section Ypres WSENFC 2017….


Sire of GB14V39593….


Dam of GB14V39593…


2 comments on “6th,10th,12th Section W Fougeres NFC …

  1. Frank McLaughlin on said:

    Hi Peter,

    I hope all is well. My Dad saw this today and is very excited. You sent him a full brother to 39593. I have two from this cock going to the Million Dollar. Your Old Friend in the USA, Frank McLaughlin

    • admin on said:

      Hi Frank,
      Nice to hear from you. I hope it works out for you and your Dad in the Million Dollar race with the De Heijde bloodline. They are often just what is needed for tough races. And you get plenty of tough finals in South Africa.
      Best regards

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