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It is still our belief that to achieve the highest goals possible you have to set your goals higher and higher every year. It is our opinion that to compete at the highest level it is important to introduce the winning genes from multiple performing individuals and multiple winning families, that are capable of performing at the top of the prize list week after week… read more about us

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GB18F28433 ~Lot 1 NEHU Show of the Year 2018…

This top quality hen (Probably) is GB18F28433 and she will be Lot 1 of our 10 Lots that will be sold by auction in the NEHU SHOW on 3rd November 2018 at the Temple Park Leisure Center, South Shields. She is perfect in every way. Handling she very muscular and balanced with tight silky feather and tight vents. […]

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The Duif Chronicles Online

Co & Piet Verbree ~ A Magnificent 2015!

  *Co (to the right) , Marijke and Piet Verbree (to the left) …For many years at the very top of the Dutch Pigeon Sport.   Putten is a village in the province of Gelderland, in the centre of the Netherlands. There, nature is still at its best, there is still a lot of agriculture, […]

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