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“Hope Springs Eternal”!

March 17th, 2023|0 Comments

For a bit of fun in the Autumn Rik Hermans and I decided to enter a few birds in this years Algarve Golden Race. Pedigrees do not win races however healthy birds with good winning DNA does and who knows? we might get lucky! Its the hope of breeding something good that makes us love this great sport. Here are some pairs to hopefully breed some candidates...  Ulysses x Lady Law Pharoah x Lucky Seven Yuri x Norma Jean

Inbred Thomas 6 Cock GFL21-63…

February 1st, 2023|1 Comment

I was first alerted to the Romario bloodline of the German fancier  Hans-Jörg Hallmann by the fantatstic series of articles by Henk Simonsz  'Ace Four Forever' that we translated and published on the Duif Chronicles site around five years ago. It fascinated me not only because of the super results being achieved by this line but also the origin was based on the Ace Four bloodline of Ad Schaerlaeckens and of course that means the incredible Mattens and Sissi. The sire of Sissi was Picanol the first Champion that Gaby Vandenabeele bred from his base breeder the Kleinen. As the [...]

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