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Hans -Jorg Hallmann and Romario

May 22nd, 2020|0 Comments

  Hans-Jörg Hallmann with one of his favorites from the Romario line. A few years ago I wrote a 13-part series called "Ace Four Ever" about the world famous base pigeon Ace Four and his close family , how this super breeding line of Ad Schaerlaeckens was built up and how many top pigeons it had produced in the meantime ... Usually you write such a series about successful lines from the past, but it still appears to produce recent top breeders and racers. Even in the toughest One Loft Races where you have to compete against the best lofts [...]

A few nice reports…

April 13th, 2020|0 Comments

*Leach Brothers famous foundation breeding cock 'The Syndicate Cock' a direct son of our 'Zabel' (Direct son of Kannibaal of Van Dyck) with 'Doran' (Daughter Emerveens Hope x Golden Lady of Koopman). 'The Syndicate Cock' is sire of 'Joint Venture'.   Many thanks to Gerry O.Mara and Family the top class Dublin fanciers for sending me this information on his super breeding cock 'Joint Venture'. He was bred in a joint pairing of Leach Brothers famous 'Syndicate Cock' and the mother of Gerry O'Mara's incredible 'Rocket Ronnie'. 'Joint Venture' has bred top winners for the O'Mara's from the beginning with the [...]

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