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Maggy Murphy ~ New Photo…

December 4th, 2023|0 Comments

Our orignal montage of Maggy Murphy was designed with a photo that was taken when she was nine months old. In that time she has matured exceptionally well and we have udpated the image with her up to date photo. Many thanks to Jack Berry for capturing her just right.

Willem De Bruijn~ An Abundance Of National Ace Pigeons…

December 3rd, 2023|0 Comments

Courtesy of The Duif Chronicles Online...  WILLEM DE BRUIJN An Abundance Of National Ace Pigeons Reeuwijk...“It has to be about the young pigeons. The old ones haven't flown well this year, everyone pretty much knows that, so we can skip that," is the first thing I hear when I begin the interview (editor's note: despite this, Willem did win 1st Ace Pigeon middle distance and 1st Ace Pigeon one day long distance in Rayon East of Section 5 South Holland). Straight to the point has always been Willem de Bruijn and that has not changed to this day. There is [...]