Yesterday was the Young Bird program race from Chateaudun a distance of around 500 km to Nieuwendijk.

The entries have dropped greatly for this race due to the massive losses this last few weeks. It is only around a third of what we would normally expect. However we can only race against what is entered and a win is a win!.

Club 138 birds…1st,3rd,4th,5th,6th etc

Union de Baronie 942 birds…15th,27th,43rd,69th

Provincial 3796 birds…37th,79th

First bird was NL21-2118920 a previous prize winner from a son of Special One (Son Harry) with a daughter of Junior and Rhiannon. Dam is a daughter of Bruce the promising young son of New Harry.

NL21-2118920…1st club Chateaudun  138 birds, 15th Combine 942 birds, 37th Provincial 3796 birds


Second bird was NL21-1275142 sire is from Superman an inbred Hooymans cock with Kate a  daughter of Mario (Son Di Caprio) x Sunday Girl (Dtr Harry)

NL21-1275142…3rd club Chateaudun  138 birds, 27th Combine 942 birds, 79th Provincial 3796 birds


Third bird was NL21-2118938 from GFL2019-46 Euro King  a son of Euro Magic x Sanjay 1 and mother is an inbred New Harry.

NL21-1275142…3rd club Chateaudun  138 birds,


Fourth Bird was NL21-211918 from a son of the famous Wolverine x Sanjay 1 coupled with a daughter of Said in Spun Silver x Robben Island.

NL21-2118918…5th club Chateaudun  138 birds, 69th Combine 942 birds


Fifth bird was NL21-1275160 from an inbred Harry father with a granddaughter of New Harry.

NL21-1275160…6th club Chateaudun  138 birds,