This is Yong and Jiabin Lin of Combination Lin, Rijnsaterwoude…Great supporters of De Duif… 


Yesterday the Afdeling 5 South Holland Provincial were racing from Pont St Max with 20,540 birds in competition.

A look at the result will see some truly magnificent performances by some great fanciers in an historical hot bed of the South Holland Provincial.

Over the years some legendry fanciers have competed in this tight geographical area with many household names around the Pigeon World perfecting their bloodlines and management techniques in the furnace of the toughest competiton at the very highest level.

Within the last few decades we have been amazed by the Gebroeders de Wit…Piet Van der Merwe and his nephew Peter…the evergreen Leen Boers who still competes at a high level…the incredible Kees Bosua who remains one of the best in the world….Marijke Vink with her incredible performances over many years with her friend Gerard Koopmans best bloodlines…and so many more.

A look at the current Provincial results sees some very familiar names and some new ones, non more so than Gerard and Bas Verkerk unbelieveable good perfromers and top people by any standards, Willem de Bruijn now one of the old guard but gets better and better as he gets older and some new names like Father and Son Jiabin and Yong Lin from Rijnsaterwoude who have developed a super line of National Ace and Olympic Ace pigeons.

Another look at the result will also show that fanciers empty their lofts every week with most sending anywhere between 100 and 200 entries. This is the way they have done it and continue to do it. The Netherlands in general are bigger team fliers and make no appologise for acing absoluteley everything in their lofts that can race.

This week from Pont St.Maxence against 20,540 birds Willem is beaten by a great performance by L & W Flanders of Lekkerkerk that although are in a different federation are also in a fantstically strong area. We also see Willems neighbours Gerard and Bas Verkerk with three very early birds and Willem winning a total of 115 prizes for their team against more than 20,000 birds including winning 6th,7th,8th and 11th.

Another quite brilliant perfromance is Cominatie Lin winning 2nd,4th,12th and 13th and a terrific total team result.

We will include the first four prize winners pedigrees of Willems birds with this report and as a matter of interest we will also include Combinatie Lin’s first four birds pedigrees. Between them they have won 2nd,4t,6th,7th,8th,11th,12th & 13th against massive entries.

From the pedigrees it is clear to see the connection of the winning lines between these two fanciers as they practise combination breeding together with each others best birds. This is also true for many other great fanciers in the area and its the way they develop their lines. Cross the best with the best and select by racing and the winning lines appear.

The influence of Murphys Law and Olympic Janneke is quite profound in these results and we will produce some additional information with this report from an earlier Duif Chronicles report to demonstrate the creation of these current winners.  ‘Olympic Janneke’ is a Olmypic Ace Pigeon herself..her dam ‘Olypic Error 404’ is also an Olympic Ace Pigeon and as well as hitting the ‘Bulls Eye’ with her combinatiomn breeding with Willems Murphys Law the ‘Olympic Janneke’ also bred ‘China 001’ a triple National Ace winner of the Netherland and also an Olympic Ace pigeon himself.

It is indeed a ‘Masterclass’ in how to produce winning racing pigeons.

The Duif’s annual auction in Blackpool aims to bring the very best available to represent them every year with Willem de Bruijn and Gerard and Bas Verkerk being great supporters, but maybe Combination Lin would also be a welcome addition as they are supperters of De Duif’s Golden 10 in Belgium and Holland.

NL23-9314636 6th Pont St Max 20.540 pigeons



NL23-9314633 7th Pont St Max 20.540 pigeons


NL23-9314723 8th Pont St Max 20.540 pigeons


NL23-9314836 11th Pont St Max 20.540 pigeons



NL23-9337910 2nd Pont St Max 20.540 pigeons



NL23-9337964 4th Pont St Max 20.540 pigeons



NL23-9337880 12th Pont St Max 20.540 pigeons


NL23-9337819 13th Pont St Max 20.540 pigeons


Olympic Error 404 of Combinatie Lin dam of Olympic Janneke

Olympic Janneke of Combinatie Lin…Dam of ‘China 001’ and Murphys Janneke and Murphys Hanneke of Willem de Bruijn…


‘China 001’ of Comination Lin, son of Olympic Janneke.