This is SKY a very promising son of SPECIAL ONE our top breeding son of Harry.

Yesterday we raced from Pont St Max our next program young bird race of the season and it was just one of those days that goes wrong. It doesnt matter if its the wind, the drag,the position and son on as its still a little dissapointing when our best position was 7th club against 371 entires after the season with the youngsters so far.

But thats how pigeon racing goes.

On a positive note our early pigeon yesterday was NL23-9386721 a previous winner of 4th Combine Bierges 3230 birds.

He is the same way bred as NL23-2310415 winner of 2nd Club 325 birds, 5th Combine 2132 birds, 58th Combine from Morlincourt.

She is also the same wasy bred as  our Niergnies winner of 1st club 396 birds, 6th Combine 2842 birds , 47th Provincial 13,651 birds and also winning 4th Combine Bierges two weeks previously against 3230 bird.

So a very promising pairing indeed for the future.

They are bred from SKY a son of SPECIAL ONE  coupled with GFL19-295 a daughter of SHERMAN a top breeding son of  ROCKET and MONA LISA coupled with ANYA a daughter of WOLVERINE x ABAGAIL the famous breeding pair.