Rhiannon has been one of our principle breeding hens of the last few seasons…she is a really beautiful hen with a quite incredible performance pedigree. Her daughter Ivana is becoming a very worthy successor.

Yesterday was our fifth young bird race and first natour race of the season.

The young bird race was shambolic to say the least with a number of our birds and many other of our clubmates birds coming home with ‘fat eye’ virus symptoms. It was a miracle how we had such good returns, and lets hope things improve during the week. It is some knowledgeable fanciers belief that when you can see the ‘fat eye’ symptoms the virus has actually passed and they are over it. The next few days will prove that one way or the other.

Morlincourt young birds

Club 402 birds…6th,8th,17th,18th,19th,etc

Union de Baronie 2666 birds…35th,50th,75th,76th,84th

Provincial 10,909 birds…193rd

Our first two birds home for 6th and 8th club are nest mates bred from EURO KING GFL2019-46 from  a son of the famous EURO paired to SANJAY 1 winner of 1st SAMDPR Final against 2453 birds 2014/15.

Dam of our first two birds this week is KATHY NL17-1411202 bred by Jan Hooymans from a son and daughter of NEW HARRY.

Euro King GFL2019-46 sire of our first two birds this week in the Morlincourt Young Bird Race…

NL17-1411202 Kathy dam of our first two birds this week in the Morlincourt Young Bird Race…


Our first Natour race was from Quievrain a distance of 174 km…

Club 282 birds….1st,2nd..

Union de Baronie Combine 2842 birds…2nd 7th…

Provincial Rayon East 6418 birds…102nd 117th.. (Congratulations to Reijnen,Bolton,De Hoogh winning 4th,5th,6th,7th,9th,10th v 6418 birds)

Our winner this week is NL20-2009604 and she also won from Chateaudun two weeks ago against 169 birds and is  bred from our new breeding talent Bruce (Son New Harry) a Ivana (daughter Granger x Rhiannon). This checker hen has scored three times early in NPO or Provincial and her brother and sister have also won *NL20-2009617 ~ 3rd Sens 294 b.(12th Combine 2305 b) (96th Nat.NPO 12,400 b) and *NL20-2009618 ~ 3rd Chateaudun 131 b. (12th Combine 1333 b) (77th Nat.NPO 6,277 b) and 4th Sens 227 b. (22nd Combine 2050 b) (84th Nat.NPO 10,005 b).

Bruce a son of New Harry and Daughter Harry. He is sire of NL20-2009604 our double winner…

Ivana a daughter of Granger our old basic breeding son of Rocket paired to one of our best current breeding hens Rhiannon. IAVANA is very quickly becoming a very worthy successor to her dam Rhiannon who is now coming to the end of her breeding career.

Our second bird from Quievrain is NL20-1581129 a previous winner of 11th Combine Quievrain 4362 birds…bred from SKY a son of Special One x Tess with a daughter of Blue Fox (Brother Foxy Lady) x Venus (Daughter War Drum)

Sky NL17-3723715 a son of Special One (Son Harry) with Tess our good De Hoogh breeding hen…

Blue Fox a full brother to Foxy Lady and grandsire of our second bird yesterday for 7th Combine Quievrain 2842 birds.

Venus a daughter of War Drum x Sister Blue Baron and granddam of our second bird yesterday for 7th Combine Quievrain 2842 birds.