Had another very welcome message from Adam Gaunt of the N & A Gaunt partnership to report their yearling Lt Cheq Hen winning 1st Club 227 birds and 2nd Heavy Woolen Fed Championship Club Race from Woking 175 miles last Saturday.

This hen is the nest mate to their 1st Leeds and District Amal from Rugby when 48 members sent 664 birds last season on 14th August 2021.

The sire of the winning nest sisters was purchased by the Gaunt’s from our late bred sale list 2020 so he has wasted no time whatsoever making his presence felt. Even as a late bred he was something special being a small bodied cock with nice supple muscles and was very lively around the aviary just like his sire BASIL ‘The Racing Machine’.  His dam was our very good breeding hen MATA HARI a daughter of our old basic breeder OUTLAW when he was coupled to ZELDA the last daughter of the YOUNG COUPLE.

GB20V56326 a late bred son of Basil The Racing Machine and sire of A and N Gaunts 1st Leeds Amal Rugby 2021…and 1st Club 2nd Heavy Woolen Fed Championship Club Woking 2022…

GB20V56326 pedigree



Basil…The Racing Machine…and top class breeder.

This is ‘Mata Hari’ the last daughter of ‘Outlaw’ and Zelda the last daughter of the Young Couple. This hen has become something very special indeed in the Breeding Loft and also breeds a very special type with her offspring simply oozing the Young Couple Class! 

Dam of their winner was bred from a cock we bred and sold to David Drinkhall bred from LEOS BEST a son of MARIO (Son Di Caprio) x ASTRID (Dtr Favorite Couple Leo Heremans) when he was paired to ATHENA a direct daughter of NIEUWE ROSSI x EENOOGSKE (New Dream Couple Leo Heremans). This cock was coupled to a hen bred by Morris and Pugh from their exceptional ‘Licensed  to Thrill’ bloodline.

Very well done indeed and I am certain your late bred son of Basil will continue to fulfill his early potential and we hear much more of the sisters!.