SPECIAL ONE…A top breeding son of the famous Harry. Although now infertile his bloodline continues to produce top winners…


Yesterday we had two races. The old bird middle distance program race from Melun and the first young bird race of the season from Bierges.

Melun is a distance of 380 km to Nieuwendijk and this turned into a very fast race in a strong south west wind.

Our first bird a blue hen NL20-2009612  won 3rd club 156 birds…6th Union de Baronie 764 birds…17th Provincial 3316 birds sent by 316 members.

She is a previous winner of winner of 2nd Melun 396 birds,21st Combine 3340 birds on 14th May and a previous winner 1st Morlincourt against 403 birds ,  1st club  Quievrain against 441 entries, 11th Combine 4088 birds and 31st provincial against over 19,000 birds…. . She is a daughter of Special One and Tess.

Got to say a very big well done to our friend Peter Admiraal taking top spot this week and not forgetting Reijnen-Boton -Hoogh  on yet another great result.

Young birds started the season from Bierges a distance of 120 km to Nieuwendijk and we had the very pleasing results of:

Club 437 birds…1st,2nd,3rd,4th,6th,8th…

Union de Baronie 3230 birds…1st,2nd,3rd,4th,6th,8th…

Our winner NL23-2310430 was bred from two very good racers of the last few years.

Sire is NL20-2009611 WONDER BOY  the nest brother to the sire of our first Melun pigeon being both bred from our top breeder Special One. NL20-2009611 is a super racing cock, also winning  from Niergnies last season winning 1st club 414 birds,6th Combine 3789 birds and 6th Provincial 17,929 birds. Also last season winning 1st Bierges against 408 birds and was our third bird from Quievrain 7th club against 486 birds. He is a previous winner of many prizes as a young bird and yearling including 1st club, 2nd Combine and 14th NPO against 10,003 birds from Sens…

He is a son of the super cock Special One bred by Jan Hooymans direct from Harry one of the very best breeding son from him being responsible for more than 20 x 1st prize winners just for our own team and many big winners into the third generation for many fanciers.

His dam is also very special indeed being a gift bird from the fantastic de Hoogh family from Oosterhout with a golden bloodline full of the very best classic winning DNA of the pigeon sport…via Mister Surhuizum and Diamonds Girl of Peter Veenstra…De Kennes Duivin of Harry Kennes…De Lichte Bourges of Dirk van Dyck…and the 666 of Henk Mellis.

WONDER BOY a great racer andf sire of our 1st Combine winner from Bierges against 3230 birds.

PERFECTION a great racing hen and dam of our 1st Combine Bierges against 3230 birds.

Dam of our winner is NL20-2009604 PERFECTION one of our top racing hens that scored multiple times winning 56th National NPO against 12,374 birds, 1st Quivrain 282 birds,2nd Combine 2842 birds also winning from Chateaudun 1st against 169 birds and another  three times early in NPO or Provincial 34th NPO Sens 10,005 birds, 48th  Provincial Chateaudun 6409 birds, 57th Provincial Pont St Max 11,217 birds and 56th Melun NPO 12,374 birds.This checker hen is bred from Bruce (Son New Harry) and Ivana (daughter Granger x Rhiannon).

NL2023-2310430 1st Combine Bierges 3230 birds

Our second bird NL2023-2310435  was bred from YOUNG DIAMOND a brother to our 9th NPO Grand Prix Chateaudun winner last year being bred from GFL18-73 DIAMOND KING (Wolverine x Sanjay 1) and STEFANIE GFL19-75 (Said in Spun Silver x Robben Island).

Dam of our second bird was NL2000-2009612 (Special One x Tess) our winner of 17th Provincial Melun yesterday 3316 birds and many more early prizes.

NL2023-2310435 2nd Combine Bierges 3230 birds


Third bird was NL2023-2310428 bred from a son of BRUCE (New Harry x Sister Harry) when coupled with GFL19-286 (Wolverine x Silver Delight).

Dam is a daughter of DIAMOND KING (Wolverine x Sanjay 1) coupled with STEFANIE (Said In Spun Silver x Robben Island).

NL2023-2310428 3rd Combine Bierges 3230 birds

Diamond King GFL2018-73 son of Wolverine x Sanjay…


Fourth bird was NL23-9386721 bred from yet another son of SPECIAL ONE  coupled with GFL19-295 a daughter of SHERMAN a top breeding son of  ROCKET and MONA LISA coupled with ANYA a daughter of WOLVERINE x ABAGAIL the famous breeding pair.

NL2023-9386721  4th Combine Bierges 3230 birds


Fifth bird was NL23-9386703 bred from a yearling son of WONDER BOY and PERFECTION two of our best racers. He was paired to a hen bred in Combination with a club member Teun Versteeg from his great racing cock LOUISKE winner of 7 x 1st prizes  including 2 x 1st Combine.

NL2023-9386703  6th Combine Bierges 3230 birds


Our sixth bird was NL23-9386712 bred from BIG BOSS a son of our great breeding couple THE PORTUGAL PAIR when he was coupled with BLUE BONTJE 176 a daughter of SUNDANCE (Bandit x Foxy Lady) x HOLLY (War Drum x Rhiannon).

NL2023-9386712  8th Combine Bierges 3230 birds


The Portugal Pair