In my view a tough but fair race. We were happy withg two ‘In the Money’ at 88th (Attila x Miss Itegem) and 199th (Drum x Gerrie).

Many congratulations to Maurice ‘Millionaire’ O’Donnell for his 110th position with ‘Panacky Peet’ that had also won the ‘Mega Bucks’ Cascade Challenge earlier in the series. He is bred from a daughter of ‘Teofilo’ x ‘Rosetta’ (Casanova x Brittania).

We must also offer our warmest congratulations to Crehan and O’Connor for their superb results throughout the entire series,especially with ‘Plutology’ bred from their fantastic ‘Mystique’.

Very latest news is that without doubt the best three performance birds of the entire series ‘Cliff Two’ ~ ‘Soraia’ & ‘Sugar Shack’ will be joining the rest of the collection in Mikes loft in Indiana. Some super re-inforcements for the future.