I had a really heart warming message from Barry Pearce this morning reporting his victory winning 1st N.R.C.C. Fraserburgh 17th June 2023 also winning 1st North Section and 1st Nottingham and District NR Federation with his blue cock GB 21 Z 46502 with a winning velocity of 1188ypm.

His winner was named “Young Rocket” before his big win, as he’s had a few good wins and always traps like a rocket. Barry has raced 5 birds out of the same pair and all have scored club & fed.

He was bred from a pair of Syndicate lofts birds from our mutual very good friend the late Dean Skuse of Newstead …… parents to the winner are Granger x Miss Rocket X Golden Gaby x Angie ….X Hannibal x Simply Perfect X Outlaw x Rowen . In fact our very best original bloodlines all crossed together.

Young Rocket bred and raced by Barry Pearce winner of 1st N.R.C.C.Fraserburgh 17th June 2023…

Barry further reports:

Dean would be proud, and of me also, my dad took me down to Deans loft when 
I was 9 years old, and remained friends. He was a wonderful man and without any 
doubt the best pigeon flyer and breeder I’ve ever met.
I visit at the graveside weekly and also his wife is good friend as I’ve known 
her years also and go to have an hour with her and a coffee 
Take care Peter 
These are the words of a true pigeon fancier and an individual that makes our 
great sport what it is.