Mr S.Faux dark hen . Photo taken 15 minutes after winning 1st Section J, 2nd Open NFC Nort Sur Erdre.

Last Saturday was the National Flying Club Race from Nort Sur Erdre when around 3000 entries competed in a East North East wind and it proved very testing.

I was very pleased indeed to ecieve a message from Ernie Rigby of Telford reporting the success of his friend Mr.S.Faux from Stafford winning 1st Section J, 2nd Open.  The parents of this dark hen were bred by Ernie  and the sire was bred from a really quite remarkable pair.

Sire of the  Section J winner was bred by Taylor and Rigby from a pair  that was originally purchased by Mrs Eileen Whitehead of Durham as a birthday gift for her now late husband Jim Whitehead.   The cock was  an inbred Grandson of ‘The Young Couple’ ( ‘Golan’ x Kannibaal Princess’) and the hen was an inbred Granddaughter of Joop Koch’s ‘Favorite Son’ (‘Favorite 644’ x ‘Lurgan Belle’ bred by Geoffrey Douglas).

Jim Whitehead sold Mr and Mrs Peter Shaw of Wolverhampton a youngster from this pair in 2014 amongst a kit. and this turned out to be a checker pied hen  that in 2015 went on to win 1st Ace Pigeon (Middle distance) in the South West section and 2nd Ace Pigeon (Middle distance) in the open. She also accumulated 3 x Club wins and a 2nd place being beaten by a loftmate with which she arrived. She was also 17th Wolverhampton Federation Fourgeres against approx 1200 bds.

In 2016, she won 1st Midland Continental Classic race from Carentan against 11 birds beating the entire convoy with the Worcester Fed of 1600 birds (including duplications) totaling approx 2500 by 22 ypm.

The pair continued to produce to class birds after moving to Ernie Rigbys breeding loft in Telford and in his own words:

I have now gathered and listed below the full racing performances to date of the three daughters of the single son of the original Jim Whitehead pair that was on loan to Gary Downing.                                                                                                                                                    All the listed performances were from Guernsey and all three daughters are from the same Van Loon hen of Gary’s.

5th Sec,  26th Open BICC

1st Sec,  1st Open Midlands Continental Classic (MCC)

2nd Sec,  3rd Open MCC

5th Sec,  7th Open MCC

8th Sec ,  8th Open MCC

13th Sec,  16th Open MCC

They also have numerous Club wins and Fed positions inland

In 2022 the three daughters alone won Gary the Old Bird Ave in the MCC.

May be of use and interest to you

Best wishes


Ernie now reports another son breeeding S.Faux’s 1st Section J,2nd Open NFC NFC Nort Sur Erde.  Mr Faux entered four from the same pair in this race and clacked all for of them three sisters and one brother on the day.

Ernie bred the dam of the 2nd Open winner from a pair bred at Syndicate Lofts, a son of LICHTE 05 a son of Wijnands of Mastricht ’05’ 1st Dutch National Ace Marathon when coupled to WITPEN 100 a daughter of Arjean Beens’s famous SNELLE JELLE.  Dam was bred from CRAZY HORSE  a direct Cor de Heijde through KLAMPER and QUEEN TONNY lines paired to FAITH a daughter of our old top breeding cock WAALRE when he was coupled to THE DIEGO HEN a winner of 2nd German National Bordeaux.

Very many congratulations once again.


In this same NFC Nort Sur Erdre race another outstanding performance was Garry Inkley’s of Uxbridge’s winner of 1st Section E and 4th Open. TYhis result is quite incredible as no one could expect a pigeon from Section E being so early in the open in the East wind. A terrfific yearling hen bred in the purple but contidioned, motivated and raced by a top fancier.

Bloodline on the sires side is OUTLAW , ROWEN and GINA (King Kanon, Drum,Gerrie , Nitro , Young Couple) and on the dams side WAR DRUM, SISTER BLUE BARON 700, FOXY GIRL (nest sister Foxy Lady).

This is of ‘Rathens Gina’ GB17N49451 bred and raced by Garry Inkley , not only one of the best racing hens in the UK but also producing a winning line. 
Her racing record at National level is quite fantastic and is one of the best racing hens in the country at the moment if not the best.
Last Saturday she scored once again to win provisionally 7th Section E 20th Open NFC Hens National  Countances against 957 birds, having previously won 11th Fed from Le Mans a few weeks earlier.
Her other results won so far in her racing career at National Level only:                                                                                      *52nd NFC Countences YB National 3,200 birds 2017.
*71st NFC Sigogne 2,660 birds 2018
*31st BICC Cholet National 2,859 birds 2019
*22nd Open NFC Sigogne 2,403 birds 2019(1st Section E)
*23rd Open NFC Fougeres 9,594 birds 2020
*2nd Open NFC Nort Sur Erdre 5,097 birds 2020 (2nd Section E 639 birds)
Fanciers may also find it of interest that she is the nest mate of ‘Rathens Bobbi Mac’ GB17N49452 that won 1st NFC Countances YB National 3,200 birds in 2017.
These are probably a unique pair of nest mates. Both Section National Fling Club Winners and 1st and 2nd Open winners.

Absolutely brilliant.

Also in the same race Shaun Stockley reports breeding the winner of 1st Section B,7th Open for Cottrell,Richmond & Rogers of Wimbourne. Again in Shauns word:

Hi Peter. Hope all is well with yourself and family: Just to let you know my very good friend Tony Cottrell of Cottrell Richmond and Rogers was 1st Sect, 7th Open NFC today. The Sire was direct from GWP Macaloney. The Dam was a hen we called PRINCESS who myself and Dad bought I believe at Doncaster. I believe she was a daughter of YOUNG KING but will double check. Unfortunately she stopped laying so isn’t hear anymore but her daughter done them proud today.

Having checked the pedigree of Princess it is once again our original lines of YOUNG KING (Young Couple) x GENIE (Drum x Gerrie)

Well done indeed once again to everyone concrened.