Most National and Classic birds were held over until Sunday 19th May and most races from the south proved very difficult indeed.

The NFC Fougeres race with over 6000 entries turned into a really challenging contest.

Very pleased indeed to hear from Dean Cartmell from Worcester reporting his bird winning provisional 1st Section J and 15th Open.

The dam of his bird was bred from a daughter of his 1st Midlands National Flying Club from Carentan against 4,440 birds in 2019 and is from a son of Amulet x Sister Sphinx with a daughter of Hero x Stardust  when she was paired to the cock that bred him 16x1sts from Brave x Little Star. The sire was his Mark Janssen cock responsible for winners every year.

Deans MNFC winner the grandam of the Section J winner is really special and she was not only a three times previous winner but she is also become a very capable breeding hen.

Very well done indeed Dean.

Sire to Dean Cartmells 1st MNFC Carentan 2019.


Dam of Dean Cartmells 1st MNFC Carentan 2019.

‘Stardust’ features again in Dean’s winning pedigrees.

Another very notable performance on Sunday considering the distance  flown and conditions was the yearling hen from Shaun and Barry Cooke from Wrexham winning provisional 3rd Section W , 79th Open in the same NFC Fourgeres race. His bird was bred from a G and S Verkerk bloodline cock down through their fantatsic ‘Hot Shot’ and the dam is a daughter of The Lawman and Annika.

This yearling hen was very consistant as a young bird flying the program and really stuck to her task from Fougeres on a testing day.

S & B Cooke’s yearling hen provisional 3rd Section W, 79th Open NFC Fougeres.

Dam of S & B Cooke’s Provisional 3rd Section W, 79th Open 6000 plus birds.


Another very special message was from Darren Oakley reporting winning 1st Open NRCC Dunbar with over 2000 entries on the North Road. This was great news as not only was this Darren’s first race in this club but he his winner is 100% Syndicate Lofts bloodlines being out of a pair from the late Dean Skuse. It is quite incredible the amount of winning reports from Dean’s birds. He was a very well respected fancier and gentleman and is sadly missed by many.

‘Kev’s Girl’ 1st NRCC Dunbar 2066 birds for Darren Oakley.


We did not escape the difficult conditions our selves in our own Dutch racing loft. Also after a one  day holdover we raced from Roye winning 227th NPO against 11,780 birds  with NL20-1608518 a multiple prize winning full brother to Cesar. We have to be happy with this result factoring in the prevailing wind direction. Hoping for a change from the east winds soom time soon!