I had a call from Phil Sylvester from Warrington reporting the fantastic performance GB17Z93122 a bird he bred and entered with his friend George Bebbington in the ‘Mums The Word; syndicate in this years RPRA One Loft Race.

This pigeon won the 1st Ace Pigeon and a Car. He was bred by Phil from a Heremans Ceusters bloodline hen he owns when paired to a cock he bought at our Doncaster Auction last November. The cock he bought was GB15S98241 and he was one of the lowest prices in our auction on the day. This was pleasing for us as we try to offer something for everyone and this was one of them.

GB15S98241 a son of Van Dyke 49 and Miss Amigo that is the sire of 1st Ace Pigeon and Car Winner in this years RPRA One Loft Race…

The cock GB15S98241 was the last son of our old Dirk Van Dyke cock ‘Van Dyke 49’ a top class breeder over many years with various hens. He was coupled on this occasion with a hen we arranged to breed with our good friend Peter Van de Merwe the Dortrecht champion.

Peter was very impressed with the results of the  offspring of our great cock ‘Drum’ and in 2012 we arranged to pair ‘Genie’ our best breeding daughter ‘Drum’ and ‘Gerrie’ with his number on cock ‘Amigo’. This resulted in four youngsters , all hens, that we shared two each. The Grand Mother of the RPRA Ace Pigeon is one of the that we call ‘Miss Amigo’.  Both her and her sister ‘Amigo 900’ have produced top class racers and breeders at all levels from the word go. And to also true to say that Peter van de Merwe has also had some real top results from his two hens. For example :

*1st National NPO Nanteuil 13,814 birds with his great racer ‘Tiesto’

*1st Combine Quievrain 6,734 birds

*1st  Provincial Quievrain 11.902 birds

*1st Duffel 2.474 birds

*1st Sens 1.332 birds

*1st Duffel 2.355 birds birds

*1st Peronne 1.008 birds

*1st Quievrain 616 birds

These are direct from the two full sisters to ‘Miss Amigo’ and ‘Amigo 900’. The next generation are also proving quite brilliant also with not only ‘Mums The Words’ RPRA Ace Pigeon but for example NL15-1708783 winning 2nd National NPO Argenton 12,267 birds in 2017 (Beaten by a loft mate) being a direct daughter of ‘Tiesto’ 1st National NPO Nanteuil almost 14,000 birds!

So a very successful experiment between ourselves and Peter to say the least.