I recieved a quite incredible reference this week from a Chinese fancier living in Inner Mongolia!

I will include the text with this post together with photos of the winning bird and fancier which are reproduced by kind permision of The Hermans Family of De Duif Pigeon Sport magazine. I must also thank Celine Sun for translating from Chinese to English and Mike Verbruggen for translating to Dutch for this weeks edition of De Duif.

Modesty would normaly prevent me from making grand claims, but I wont let this get in the way on this occasion!

I know of many world class breeders out there especially for One Loft races that I admire greatly but know of no other pair that have bred three outright Winners or Ace Pigeons in three of the biggest one loft races in the world within two generations except our PORTUGAL PAIR.  Not top ten or top hundred or close shaves or equal firsts but outright winners. Plus of course plenty of early prizes and close things!

We raced BLUE and LONESOME  a direct daughter of the PORTUGAL PAIR to win 1st Ace Pigeon Algarve Golden Race in 2017… THE BIGGEST ONE LOFT RACE IN EUROPE and a Car  from 5097 entries, winning by a clear one and a half hours!

The nest mate of BLUE and LONSOME was SHOOT TO THRILL  and he won 1st UK 203 birds, 12th International 3,044 birds Hot Spot Average SAMDPR 2017 and 3rd UK 260 birds, 50th International 4,109 birds Grand Averages SAMDPR 2017 (Over 10,000 birds had been originally entered).

PETER THE FOX is a direct son of THE PORTUGAL PAIR owned by Ian Hunter,Scotland and bred his 1st Moledo Yearling Championship Final Race , 450 km… THE BIGGEST YEARLING RACE IN EUROPE ! against 2607 birds in another war of attrition kind of race into the mountains of North Portugal with more than 4000 birds at the start.

In February 2022 we donated a daughter of the PORTUGAL PAIR to the GOUDEN DUIF auction that was purchased by Celine Sun and Geert de Clerq for their Chinese clinets Boyue Pei Ruifeng & Su Jie and she became known as  DIAMOND LADY . She wasted no time breeding two top performers being dam of 105th Final Kaier One Loft AUTUMN Race China 2023, 518km against 8,200 birds with over 14,000 entries originally entered and then in 2024 with a different mate she bred 1st Final Kaier One Loft SPRING Race…THE BIGGEST ONE LOFT RACE IN CHINA! against 6,444 birds 499km from an initial entry of more than 11,000 birds, with a speed of 1,003m/min, so another very challenging competition, not only winning the magnificent trophys associated with this race but also an astronomical amount of Prize and Pool money that modesty definately prevents me from publishing.

We are of course very fortunate and incredibly previliged in our breeding lofts to be able to mate children and decendants of THE PORTUGAL PAIR  to the Ganus Family Lofts phenomenal WOLVERINE and THOMAS 6 children. The best winning DNA available.


Mr Su Jie with his winner of the Kaier One Loft race 2024.

The CH23-05-1025188 won for his owners the Kaier One Loft Race trophy and a considerable amount of Prize and Pool money.


With this letter, I, Su Jie (the winner of Kaier one loft race 2024) would like to express my special gratitude to Miss Celine Sun (Belgium) and Mr. Peter Fox (UK) Also, I would like to thanks Mr. Jan Herman for establishing the Goldenduif Award, which allowed our loft : “Boyue Pei Ruifeng + Su Jie”), through Miss Sun’s bidding, in goudenduif auction 2021 we bought a super female pigeon GB21-V38182. It is a super lucky moment, just like when Mr. Koopman met Golden Lady.

Since the first video recording, this pigeon was showed by Mr. Geert De clerq when he wearing a diamond ring, we named this hen “Diamond Lady.” Her pedigree is as follows:

Father – Pharoah: a mix of Koopman, Kannibaal, and Johan Donckers;

Mother – Femke: a pairing of Genopte Leeuw and Propere Princess ( = half-sister of Chucky).

This hen GB21-V38182 arrived at our loft in 2022 and bred for the first time in 2023.

Her first matecock won 53th Baotou-Eijerkamp One Loft race in 2021, with a pedigree of Walter paired to Alfons. Their first daughter from this pair won directly 463rd place in the 400km against 11,143 birds and 105th in final race 518km against 8,200 birds in Kaier One Loft race (Autumn) China 2023, with a speed of 1,257 m/min.

Her second mate was the 146th final Eijerkamp One Loft Baotou 2017, with a pedigree of grandson of Line Leo Hermans Olympic 003 paired with a inbreedig DiCaprio. Their direct son won now the 1st Kaier final One Loft race Spring 2024 against 6,444 birds 499km, with a speed of 1,003m/min, in a very challenging competition. Both her children(son and daughter) achieved remarkable results in both spring and autumn races, which is truly unbelievable.

We look forward to continuing to work together in future, make our dreams come true. We sincerely welcome you to visit our great China, the horse-riding nation of Inner Mongolia, the warm city of Erdos. When the wheat waves and rice blossoms, we will also embark on the road of friendship, traveling far away to Europe to visit and learn, and share our loves for pigeons. ——Su Jie, July 5, 2024

CHINA 23-05-1025188 winner of 1st Final Kaier One Loft Spring Race China 2024 against 6,444 birds 499km, with a speed of 1,003m/min, in a very challenging competition. BIGGEST ONE LOFT RACE IN CHINA!


GB21V38182 DIAMOND LADY a daughter of THE PORTUGAL PAIR and dam of the 1st Place Final Kaier One Loft Race , China Autumn edition.


The Portugal Pair an exceptional breeding couple…