Today we had the latest young bird program race and the first Natour race of the season

The young bird race was once again dissapointing managing only a 10th club against 273 birds. Ah Well!

However the Natour race was excellent with early prizes.

Club 289 birds…1st,2nd,6th,8th,etc

Union de Baronie 2002 birds… 7th,10th,etc

Our first bird winning 1st club is our top racing hen NL20-2009604 PERFECTION.

She really is a top class hen in every way and although still in the racing loft has also bred winners.

NL20-2009604 our top racing hen winning 1st club Quivrain 7th Combine 2002 birds and has scored previously multiple times winning 56th National NPO against 12,374 birds, 1st Quivrain 282 birds,2nd Combine 2842 birds also winning from Chateaudun 1st against 169 birds and another  three times early in NPO or Provincial 34th NPO Sens 10,005 birds, 48th  Provincial Chateaudun 6409 birds, 57th Provincial Pont St Max 11,217 birds and 56th Melun NPO 12,374 birds.This checker hen is bred from Bruce (Son New Harry) and Ivana (daughter Granger x Rhiannon).

Our winner today from Quivrain.


Our second bird was NL22-8535728 winning 2nd Club Quivrain 289 birds, 10th Combine 2002 birds and also a previous winner as a yearling of 1st Niergnies 460 birds .She is bred from BIG BOSS the good breeding son of our PORTUGAL PAIR with SILVER SPOON (Said in Spun Silver x Robben Island) and they also bred our 1st Quivrain 477 birds, 3rd Combine 3318 birds.