Yesterday was our second midfond flight and once again it was from Melun a distance of around 400 km to most club members.

We have to be happy with our team performance of 20 prizes from 40 entries (50%) but we again are around 2 minutes of the pace.  I think our middle distance birds need setting up for more distance over the Eendag fond races (One Day Long Distance) which are over 600 km and require more fats in the feeding mix.

Club 307 birds….9th,15th,16th,19th,20th…

Union de Baronie…2466 birds…33rd,47th,52nd,66th,67th,75th

Brabant 2000 Nat.NPO 12,374 birds…56th,129th,141st,190th,191st…

Many congratulations to our club mate J.Pruissen winning the club and 5th NPO. We were a little over 2 minutes behind which meant a 9th place club and 56th NPO ! This is a very competitive club and provincial. Very little room for error. Best way as racing at this level of competition not only numbers but quality of fanciers always develops better birds. No short cuts.


Our first bird was our good hen NL20-2009604 winning 56th National NPO against 12,374 birds and she is a previous winner of 1st Quivrain 282 birds,2nd Combine 2842 birds a few weeks ago and also won from Chateaudun 1st against 169 birds and she is bred from our new breeding talent Bruce (Son New Harry) and Ivana (daughter Granger x Rhiannon).

This checker hen has another  three times early in NPO or Provincial 34th NPO Sens 10,005 birds, 48th  Provincial Chateaudun 6409 birds, 57th Provincial Pont St Max 11,217 birds and now 56th Melun NPO 12,374 birds.

Her brother and sister have also won *NL20-2009617 ~ 3rd Sens 294 b.(12th Combine 2305 b) (96th Nat.NPO 12,400 b) and *NL20-2009618 ~ 3rd Chateaudun 131 b. (12th Combine 1333 b) (77th Nat.NPO 6,277 b) and 4th Sens 227 b. (22nd Combine 2050 b) (84th Nat.NPO 10,005 b).

This is a really good performance hen against thousands and we are sure the best is yet to come.


Our second bird was NL18-5191588 scoring once again and he has also scored every week this season including winning 20th Provincial Niergnies 17,929 birds, and he has been one of our best racers over the last five seasons.

Once again as our main points nomination pigeon he was  responsible for our 1st General  Ace Loft Championship last season in the Combine against 250 members…His bloodline is just pure performance crossed together over many generations being bred from a full brother to the 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Combine 2016 for Peter Admiraal and his sire himself also won 7 x 1st prizes. The Golden Bloodline of the Young Couple and Chanel.

His dam Chayenne was also a top racer winning  4 x 1st for us and also 4th Ace Pigeon Midfond Combine with the bloodline of Max (Son Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogske) x Bontje 191 (Hannibaal x Daughter Ranomi Rik Hermans) on the dams side.

NL-18-5191588 – our second bird this week.


Our third bird this week is NL21-2118938  a yearling hen that scored last year from Peronne bred from GFL2019-46 Euro King  a son of Euro Magic x Sanjay 1 and mother is an inbred New Harry.

Euro King GFL2019-46 sire of our third bird this week and two youngsters to score last year.


Fourth bird is NL17-3723715 SKY another one bred from Special One that has scored many times before and bred prizewinners.