Yesterday we raced from Morlincourt around 280 km to Nieuwendijk.

First time for a south west wind all season however although the squad performed well as a team with 21 prizes from 28 entries and 10 in the top 73 against 1266 birds, we were dissapointed that we did not have a top ten finish.

Club  228 birds…6th,7th,11th,12th,16th etc

Union de Baronie 1266 birds…13th,15th,26th,27th,34th etc

Provincial 6302 birds…64th,75th etc

First bird was NL21-275107 a winner of 1st Sens 157 birds three weeks ago and a previous winner of 2nd Biergies 408 birds,9th Combine 3308 birds, 9th Overall Rayon 3 & 4 8,684 birds and 3rd Union de Baronie 542 birds and 8th National NPO Issoudun against 2467 entries last season. He is a son of CASH a direct son of the famous NEW HARRY of Jan Hooymans with QUINN our top breeding hen from De Hoogh and Son blood lines of Mr Blue of Pieter Veenstra and ‘666’  of Henk Mellis.

Second bird was NL21-1275142 a previous winner again of many prizes including 1st Pont St.Max 248 birds,12th Combine 2300 birds, 54th Provincial 10,608 birds.

His dam is NL20-1581151 our top racing hen and his sire is from Superman an inbred Hooymans cock with Kate a  daughter of Mario (Son Di Caprio) x Sunday Girl (Dtr Harry).

The good hen NL20-1581151 was our 8th bird this week so still wins 62nd against 1266 birds but looks like she likes east winds!