Had a great message from Rik Hermans after his great result in the first National race of the season last Saturday from Bourges.
Bourges (511 km)
24.006 old birds : 48-143-158-159-184-373-579-582-677-1058-1882-1990-2158-5943 (14/16, 13x per dozen)
18,785 yearlings 26-103-555-816-2074-3792 (6/13)
His first clocked was NL22-8458943 ‘Dochter Morgiana’ bred by Willem de Bruijn.
This is her third top 50 National results having previously won :
36th National Argenton 3990 b.
38th National Bourges 12.094 b.
And now :
48th National Bourges 24.066 b.

‘Dochter Hunter’ three times top 50 National racing.


The star of his team of the last few years is BE21-6167148 ‘Sidney’ and Rik was considering putting her into the breeding loft after her 2023 campiagn , however following his late Fathers advise ‘You need to race good pigeons to get supers’ he continued to race her in 2024 and she rewarded by being his third old bird in the clock to win 158th National against 24.006 birds.
Her full results list so far is:
Best old Ace Duif of Belgium from 6 and 7 National Flights grote halve fond Pipa-ranking 2023
29th Nat. Asduif grote halve fond oude KBDB 2023
8th Nat. Argenton 3990 b.
10th Nat. Argenton 11.295 b.
28th Nat. Chateauroux 8075 b.
47th Nat. Gueret 12.208 b.
81st Nat. Bourges 10.366 b.
158th Nat. Bourges 24.004 b.
290th Nat. Chateauroux 18.741 b.
326th Nat. Bourges 7270 b.
(34th Zone 1208 b.)
406th Nat. Issoudun 12.349 b.
771st Nat. Bourges 21.075 b.
870th Nat. Argenton 8777 b.
2nd Melun 1149 b. (1st-147 b.)
5th Sermaises 2064 b.
11th Melun 599 b.
34th Noyon 726 b.
56th Melun 3504 b.
A really fantstic racing hen indeed with a fantastic pedigree.

‘Sidney’ a super racing hen.


Rik’s first yearling winning 26th National against 18,785 yearlings was bred by Eddy Jannsens and is a sister to his top racer ‘Wout’.
Very well done indeed.
The South Holland Provincial Race from Pontoise against 24,339 birds also saw Willem de Bruijn beaten into 2nd place Provincial (1st Gouwe Ijssel 3111 birds) by 0.4 m.p.m. by Den Houdijker with 3rd being the great fliers Gebr. Van den Heuvel with 4th place taken by G and S Verkerk to continue their fantatsic 2024 old bird season and our good friend Martin and Buck de Kruijf in 5th place. This has got to be one of the most competitive areas in the Netherlands Pigeon Sport.
Willems first bird was ayearling hen from the top couple Murphys Law and Honara.

Very well done indeed.

1st Pontoise Gouwe Ijssel 3111 birds…2nd Afdeling 5 against 24,339 birds.