This pigeon featured is THE SKY another top breeder emerging from our basic breeder SPECIAL ONE a son of HARRY.

Yesterday we had two race. First race was a Natour any age race from Niergnies in the morning and a few hours later the next young bird race from Melun. Both races went quite well.


Club 330 birds…5th,6th,8th

Union de Baronie 2127 birds…41st,43rd,45th etc

Provincial 10,728 birds…132nd,139th,142 nd etc  and 16 prizes from 22 entries at Provincial level.

First bird was NL20-1608518 a multiple prize winning full brother to Cesar the top racer and becoming an excellent breeder including breeding our good hen ‘1151’.

NL20-1608518 our first bird yesterday.


Second bird was NL18-5191588 scoring for the first time this season and he has also scored every week last season including winning 20th Provincial Niergnies 17,929 birds, and he has been one of our best racers over the last five seasons.

He was  responsible for our 1st General  Ace Loft Championship two seasons ago in the Combine against 250 members…His bloodline is just pure performance crossed together over many generations being bred from a full brother to the 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Combine 2016 for Peter Admiraal and his sire himself also won 7 x 1st prizes. The Golden Bloodline of the Young Couple and Chanel.

His dam Chayenne was also a top racer winning  4 x 1st for us and also 4th Ace Pigeon Midfond Combine with the bloodline of Max (Son Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogske) x Bontje 191 (Hannibaal x Daughter Ranomi Rik Hermans) on the dams side.

NL-18-5191588 – our second bird this week.


Third bird was NL21-2118930 previous winner of 5th Club Niergnies 404 birds , 22th Combine 2817 birds , 25th overall 6074 birds ..this bird was also 41st Combine Bierges against 3613 birds, and is bred from DIAMOND KING bred by Mike from the famous WOLVERINE when coupled to SANJAY 1st SAMDPR Final against 2453 birds 2014/15.  Dam is STEFANIE bred from SAID IN SPUN SLIVER paired to ROBBEN ISLAND both 2nd place SAMDPR Final winners.





Our second race was a young bird race from Melun almost 400 km to Nieuwendijk.

Club 213 birds…7th,8th,14th,17th etc

Union de Baronie 1804 birds…51st,56th

Many congratulations to our firend Peter Embtregts Theunis  taking the first seven positions in the Provincial against 8458 birds.

Our first bird was NL23-9386721 our best youngster so far this season and is our 1st nominated. He is also a previous winner of 1st club 396 birds, 6th Combine 2842 birds , 47th Provincial 13,651 birds and also winning 4th Combine Bierges a few weeks ago against 3230 birds.                                                          He is the same way bred as NL23-2310415 winner of 2nd Club 325 birds, 5th Combine 2132 birds, 58th Combine from Morlincourt.

They are bred from SKY a son of SPECIAL ONE  coupled with GFL19-295 a daughter of SHERMAN a top breeding son of  ROCKET and MONA LISA coupled with ANYA a daughter of WOLVERINE x ABAGAIL the famous breeding pair.

Our second bird was NL23-3986711 also a previous winner of 28th Combine Niergnies 2842 birds and is the nest mate to NL23-6712 winner of 6th Combine Biergies against 3230 birds. Both bred from BIG BOSS a son of our great breeding couple THE PORTUGAL PAIR when he was coupled with BLUE BONTJE 176 a daughter of SUNDANCE (Bandit x Foxy Lady) x HOLLY (War Drum x Rhiannon).

NL23- 9386711 from Big Boss and Blauw Bontje 176 (Sundance x Holly).