*The magnificent TOP STAR a truly outstanding breeder. Some direct children of TOP STAR just read the individual results; NL11-1867164 *1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Union de Baronie 2013 *37th National NPO Creil 10.078b*76th National NPO Orleans 22.627b*31st Combine Criel 3,219b *34th Combine Sezanne 3.030b *44th Combine Nivelles 4.676b *59th Combine Peronne 4.756b ~ NL14-3432682 *35th National NPO Roye 10.336b (1st 752b, 11th Combine 2.303b) *94th National NPO SENS 14.258b (1st 224b,10th Combine 3.116b) *92nd National NPO GIEN 8.221b (2nd 105b,32nd Combine 1.843b) Three Times Top 100 in three Races Back to Back As A Youngster! ~ NL-14-3432678 De Cruyff *2nd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Union de Baronie 2015*26th National NPO Sens 18,863b (1st 277b,8th Combine 4,053b)*27th National NPO Criel 25,578b (4th 394b,8th Combine 5,551b)*42nd National NPO Roye 15,557b (1st 216b, 10th Combine 3,479b)*66th National NPO Nantieul 17,091b (1st 255b, 3rd Combine 3,520b) *2nd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Union de Baronie 2016 *1st Asse Zellik 497b (2nd Combine 1,506b)*1st St.Quentin 438b (31st Combine 3,788b)*1st Nanteuil 211b (4th Combine 1,538b) *13th National NPO St.Just 5,8838b (5th Combine 1,221b) ~ NL- 14-3432644 *2nd Asse Zellik 497b (3rd Combine 1,506b)*11th Combine Quievrain 4,798b (1st 1,378b)*26th Combine Morlincourt 4,494b (4th 484b) *31st Combine Asse Zellik 3,219b (10th 331b) *35th Combine Quievrain 5,665b (6th 1776b) ~ NL-16-3627932 *9th Combine Quievrain 2,976b (1st 1,103b) *24th Combine Oudenaarde 2,958b (15th 1,041b) *40th Combine Asse Zellik 3,219b (28th 1,171b) ~ NL14-1168957 (bred of a Son of Top Star raced by Peter Admiraal) *1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Union de Baronie 2016*1st Creil 2,552b*1st Creil 1,840b*3rd Sezanne 1,880b                                                                                                         TOP STAR is bred from YOUNG KING a son of the YOUNG COUPLE and winner of 3rd National NPO Orleans 14,014 birds and 21st National NPO Orleans 9,096 birds. Mother of TOP STAR is CHANEL winner of *4th Orleans 3.288b *5th National NPO Orleans 14.041b *3rd Creil 2.335b, 11th Combine 8.567b *1st Orleans 2.437b, 3rd National NPO 9.800b *2nd Strombeek 2.330b, 4th Combine 8.402b *3rd Creil 3.616b, 8th Combine 14.323b *6th Pithiviers 3.784b, 14th Combine 16.334b *9th Pommeroeul 2.201b *19th Strombeek 1.713b *30th Creil 2.030b *8th Pommeroeul 2.082b *30th Combine 8.567b. Sire of CHANEL is GESCHELPTE 623 winner of 1st St.Quentin 1.879b, 2nd Combine 5.627b and he is bred from MASCOTTE a son of FARA DIBA winner of 1st Dutch National Ace Long Distance 2013  and MARITA a full sister to ASKE of Flor Vervoort and Olympiade ce Pigeon in Leuvin who herself is a grand daughter of FIENEKE 5000 the legendry champion hen of Flor Vervoort. Dam of CHANEL is from a son of IKON winner of 1st Dutch Middle Distance Ace and 1st Versela Laga World Champion 1996 when paired to a daughter of PATRIOT winner of 1st Dutch National Ace Middle Distance 1999.

As can be seen, the pedigree of TOP STAR is cluttered with Olympiade Champions , National Ace Winners and some truly world class racers and producers ! 

Yesterday we had a program race from Pont St Maxence a distance of around 320 km to Nieuwendijk. We experienced a very  erratic race with big gaps between arrivals and very low speeds. The Provincial winner was the only bird out of over 13,000 entries to exceed 1200 m.p.m.

Our own result was not the best and although the team scored 17 prizes from 25 entries we only had one relatively early one.

Our checker cock NL16-3627932 scored 4th club 272 bird,10th Union de Baronie 2,959 birds and 166th Brabant 2000 against 13,240 birds.

NL16-3627932 winner a few weeks ago of 4th Peronne against 430 birds and 23rd Union de Baronie against 4,389 birds was also the winner last year as a yearling 1st club 248 birds, 1st Altena & Raamsdonksveer 846 birds, 5th Union de Baronie 2,012 birds and 38th National NPO 9,489 birds and plus 85th National NPO Sens 9,193 birds and was a winner for us last season as a young bird from Quievrain 1st Altena & Raamsdonksveer 1,103 birds,9th Combine 2,976 birds.He is a grandson of our great breeder “Top Star” with a daughter of Blue Baron coupled with ‘Britney’ the nest mate to ‘Miguel’ (Chico x Astrid) the sire of our first bird.

Our first bird this week from… “Top Star” . Another top Young Couple bloodline breeder that excels for us and many different fanciers in difficult winds and erratic races.