Saturday 27th April we competed in our program race from Niergnies around 216km from Nieuwendijk in a tricky wind however once again we are pleased with a win.

Club  570 birds…1st,3rd,9th,13th

Combine Union de Baronie…3812 birds…15th,48th

Provincial Brabant 2000 …18,420 birds…160th

Our first bird was once again NL22-8535723 a late hatch from 2022 after winning 3rd Quievrain last week against 431 birds maintains his form this week to win 1st Niergnies 570 birds.

He is a great mix of Mikes STRAIN MAKER and SUN CITY bloodlines , crossed with a daughter of SPECIAL ONE our top breeding son of HARRY with KATE a daughter of MARIO (Son Di Caprio) and SUNDAY GIRL (Daughter Harry).

The blood of MARIO (Son Di Caprio) is still present in very many top performers including the top breeder LUIGI of the Macaloney familys well known CAESAR.

NL22-8535723 our winner this week.


‘Strain Maker’ grandsire of our winner this week.

Our second bird this week is NL22-2217954 a checker hen scoring for the first time and a mixture of the very best lines through HARRY of Hooymans with the brilliant lines of  ROCKET and MONA LISA crossed with a sister of WOLVERINE.


First Lady dam of our second bird this week.

Our third arrival was NL22-2217947  another first time scoring with again a mixture of HARRY and NEW HARRY of Hooymans with a daughter of WOLVERINE crossed with a daughter of ABAGAIL the number one breeding daughter of ROCKET and MONA LISA.



WOLVERINE grandsire of our third bird this week.