Yesterday we had two program races in Niewendijk. The stiff wind on the nose made for two working races. The vitesse race from Pt St Maxence went well in the club winning 1st and 2nd, Union and Provincial and although we have to be happy with the Issoudun One Day Long Distance race as the team flew well, we could have done with some earlier prizes.

Pt.St Maxence a distance of around 325 km to Niewendijk…

Club 248 birds…1st,2nd,11th,15th,

Union de Baronie 2300 birds… 12th,30th,80th, 94th

Provincial 10,608 birds…54th


First bird was NL21-1275142 that also scored from Chateaudun last year sire is from Superman an inbred Hooymans cock with Kate a  daughter of Mario (Son Di Caprio) x Sunday Girl (Dtr Harry)

Dam of our first bird was NL20-1581151 our good blue daughter of Cesar paired to a daughter of Zapata x Sister Sphinx that was also our first bird in the Issoudun race yesterday afternoon.

As a matter of interest, yesterday was the first Bourges National in Belgium and both the Yearling National and the Old Bird National was won by Olivier Poussart of Vaulx. His yearling National winner agaisnt 24,220 birds was bred by Hok Bommerez from a grandaughter of Pharao a good racing direct son of Rik Hermans Sphinx therefore the full brother of Sister Sphinx.  Just good winning bloodlines generation after generation. The Yearling cock now named ‘Stripes Twice’ was pipped into 2nd overall against 57,629 birds by his loft mate and old bird National winner.

Kate a daughter of Mario and Sunday Girl. She is the granddam of  our winner from Pt St Maxence yesterday.


Our second bird yesterday was NL00-1608518 a winner this season of  4th club, 24th Provincial Niergnies 17,929 birds and a winner last year of  1st Club 463 birds, 14th Combine Nergnies  against 3914 birds and 5th Club 294 birds, 41st Combine Sens against 2305 birds.  He was bred by Jan Hooymans from a cock on loan from us ‘The Golden Witpen’  bred by Peter Embregts. He was coupled to a daughter of Harry that had previously been on loan to our breeding loft from Jan Hooymans and bred our super racer Caesar winner of 7 x 1st prizes.

NL20-1608518 our second bird yesterday and a full brother to our super racer CESAR. This is tuning into a very good winning line indeed.


The first One Day Long Distance Race of the season was from Issoudun a distance of around 600 km to Niewendijk. We  had a very erratic race with a creditable 6 bird in the top 100 of the Union de Baronie out of 12 entries but only starting the club with 11th position!

Club 142 birds…11th,13th,21st,29th

Union de Baronie 1196 birds…40th,52nd,69th,91st,95th,97th

Brabant 2000 National NPO 6438 birds…115th

First bird was Blue hen NL00-1581151 a winner this season of 12th Club Melun 396 birds and 1st Club Quivrain 486 birds,3rd Combine 4430 birds and 3rd Provincial 9778 birds.

We really love this blue hen as she has everything we are looking for. She has performed well herself  and has a quite magnificent winning DNA right through her pedigree that hopeful should see her breeding more winners in the future.

NL00-1581151 is also the dam of our winner from Pt St Maxence yesterday.

She is a previous winner of 1st club Niergnies 400 birds,2nd Combine 2722 birds & 15th Provincial 13,130 birds, 32nd Combine  Niergnies 2757 birds, 95th Provincial 13,325 birds ,1st Chadeaudun 131 birds…10th Federation 1333 birds…56th National NPO 6277 birds and 2nd Melun 115 birds, 33rd Combine 1102 birds.

She was bred from CESAR a winner of 6 x 1st clubs for us when he was paired with a daughter of ZAPATA (Son Bandit x Moonglow) paired with our top breeding hen SISTER SPHINX. This is hen was bred by Rik Hermans and a top breeding hen for us and many others with her  offspring into the third and fourth generation.

We also have to give a mention to ZAPATA one of the very good breeders from our old couple BANDIT x MOONGLOW.  His bloodline is always there when it gets stiff.  Yesterday Steve Price of Price Brothers and Son of Stourport reports his blue hen GB21V38265 winning provisional 40th Open in yesterdays Midlands National from Weymouth which after a very tricky liberation also turned out to be a good working race. This beautiful blue hen also has plenty of previous positions being Steve’s 2nd timer from Guernsey MCCC last weekend and we are sure she will come into her own in Classic races as the Distance goes further. She was bred directly from ZAPATA with GOLD DUST WOMAN (That hen again!)