*This is Chanel the super racing and breeding hen in the pedigree of our very good cock ‘De Cryuff’..

Yesterday saw the 5th Middle Distance race of the season take place from St. Just Cimetière a new race point around 385 k from Nieuwendijk. The birds came really well with 5 prizes in the top 31 National NPO against almost 6,000 birds. They also included our first three nominated!

Club 155 birds… 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,17th,19th

Altenna and Raamsdonksveer 445 birds…3rd,4th,5th,8th,10th

Union de Baronie 1,221 birds…3rd,4th,5th,8th,11th

Brabant 2000 NPO 5,838 birds…9th,10th,13th,24th,31st

First bird was NL14-3432662 bred from ‘Zoon Pikeur’ from Peter van der Merwe with a half sister to ‘Mike’ being a daughter of ‘Sterre’ this time coupled with a grandson of Caliph, Chanel and Super 8 that had won 72nd NPO Sezanne for us against 12.518 birds.

Second bird was  NL14-3432684 a late bred from 2014 bred from the super race cock ‘Lewis’ (Outlaw x Kirsty) and a daughter of ‘Son Johannesburg’ (Johannesburg x Star 300) when he was coupled to a daughter of ‘Super 8’

Third bird was NL14-3432678 ‘Cruyff’ our winner from St Quentin a few weeks ago and he also won 1st Asse Zellik in the first race of this season against 497 birds sent by 20 fanciers taking 2nd Union de Baronie 1.506 birds…last season as a yearling he won 1st from Roye against 216 club birds (47th Brabant 2000 vs 14.164 birds) and also won 1st the week before from Sens against 277 birds (26th Brabant 2000 vs 17.226 birds) and was also 4th club from Creil the week before that against 394 birds (26th Brabant 2000 vs 23.378 birds)….and as a young bird won 1st Nanteuil against 255 birds (66th Brabant 2000 vs 17.015 birds)…his father is a direct Peter van der Merwe cock and is a son of Pikeur (son of Replay) with a daughter of our great racer ‘Mike’ NL11-1867164 winner of 1st Ace Pigeon Union de Baronie Middle Distance 2013 winning 11 prizes in 12 races. His father is ‘Top Star’ a great breeding son of ‘Young King (Young Couple) x ‘Chanel. His mother is ‘Sterre’ a daughter of ‘Jonge Super Champ’ (Son of Super Champ Orlando Verbree x Dtr.Godfather)

Fourth bird wasNL14-1168708 winner of 83rd NPO Nanteuil last week against 7,620 birds.He is bred from ‘Max’ a son of ‘Nieuwe Rossi’ and ‘Eenoog’ (New Dream Couple) of Leo Heremans when paired to ‘Stella’ a daughter of ‘Drum’ x ‘Gerrie’  This two year old also won  1st Club, 2nd Fed, 14th Combine and 65th NPO against 9,912 birds  last season in addition to 1st Club,1st Fed,4th Combine and 16th NPO against 6.704 birds and 66th NPO Roye 14,164 birds plus 23rd Combine Quivrain 4,818 birds having also scored twice as a youngster.

Fifth bird was NL14-3432688 bred from a full brother to Peter vand der Merwe’s ‘United’ when crossed with the ‘Solo’ bloodline of our original Ganus Family Loft breeders.

Our first 3 nominated birds that fly for the Middle Distance Championship points were again very early and we now stand in the number one position with 1000 points clear and one race to go. (Last year we were in a similar position and finished second by 8 points!).

Kampioenschap NPO (5 vl.) Union de Baronie – Ray 3 B2000 – Ray Midfond Aantal liefhebbers: 212

Pos   Naam                      Plaats            Prijzen Punten






In the Ace Bird award our good cock NL14-1168708 has moved up to 2nd and NL14-3432678 ‘De Cruyff’ has risen to position 6th in the Middle Distance Ace Pigeon Championship.

Duifkampioenschap (5 vl.) Union de Baronie – Ray 3 B2000 –Ray Midfond Aantal liefhebbers: 212 

Pos        Naam                      Plaats                 Ringnr        Prijzen Punten

1 PETER ADMIRAAL WERKENDAM NL 14-1168957 M 4 3798,34

2 COMB COLIJN FOX NIEUWENDIJK NL 14-1168708 M 5 3790,91

3 R.C.C.BEENS ULVENHOUT AC NL 14-1148910 M 4 3776,34

4 HEMERT GEBR. VAN NIEUWENDIJK NB NL 14-3429834 M5 3719,29

5 KIEBOOM M.A. VAN DEN HANK NL 15-1783928 V 4 3592,60

6 COMB COLIJN FOX NIEUWENDIJK NL 14-3432678 M 4 3543,53

7 A. SCHELLEKENS RAAMSDONK NL 14-1153984 M 4 3494,99

8 DONGEN LAURA VAN TERHEIJDEN NL 15-1810208 M 5 3306,86

9 VUGT A. VAN NIEUWENDIJK NB NL 11-3057127 V 5 3294,00

10GRINSVEN T. & T. VAN PRINSENBEEK NL 14-3419433 V 4 3248,75

5 prizes (including first 3 nominated) in the top 31 places National NPO against almost 6,000 birds and 10 prizes from 17 entries.

5 prizes (including first 3 nominated) in the top 31 places National NPO against almost 6,000 birds and 10 prizes from 17 entries.