Very pleased with todays 3rd UK,56th International in the Pattaya International One Loft Training Race 245 km…

Our early bird today is GB21V38462 a daughter of Little Big Man and Ariel won 3rd UK,56th International against 245 k. The nest mate to this hen named ‘Fast Rik’ also raced well for us in the 2021 Algarve Golden Race Race 2 from 206 km against 5637 birds.

They were both bred from Little Big Man (Propere 10 x Foxy Lady) x Ariel  (Zoon Guus 1 x Red Athena).

‘Little Big Man ‘ is proving to be a top class breeding cock at all levels including breeding the sire of Elins Dream the winner of 31st in the Final of the Algarve Great Derby Last Year in a really tough race for Neil Bates and Shaun Cooke.

Little Big Man is also a full brother to ‘The Blue Fox’ a quite exceptional One Loft Race breeder for Miles Foster, Sons and Daughter.

Also a magnificent well done to Graham and Keith Jones for winning 1st and 2nd UK in todays race. Hope the form continues to the final.

GB21V38462 3rd UK,56th Pattaya International International Training Race 245 km…

  • 15122021 Training 245 km

  • Release Point: Thap Thai
  • Info:
  • Distance: 245 km
  • Release Time: 15.12.2021 07:10:00 (GMT +7:00)
  • arrived Pigeons: 5115

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15122021 Training 245 km Result List
121 entries total (1 – 10) filtering from 5,115 entries
Rank Fancier Team Country Pigeon Arrival Speed [m/min] Pigeon Name
10 GRAHAM AND KEITH JONES (L-TEAM A) [S-TEAM A] England GB 21-N48537 15.12.2021 10:04:46.34 1401.8237
23 GRAHAM AND KEITH JONES (L-TEAM A) [S-TEAM A] England GB 21-N48539 15.12.2021 10:04:50.06 1401.3266
56 SYNDICATE LOFTS U.K (L-TEAM A) [S-TEAM A] England GB 21-V38462 15.12.2021 10:05:54.61 1392.7563