Very pleased with todays 4th prize (1st drop of four, 4th to trap)…in the Prince of Wales International One Loft Classic Semi Final Hot Spot 5 from Epsom 143 miles when 159 birds were basketed from an original 513 bird entry by 116 fanciers.  Not forgetting of Course Ken Darlington, Blair Fisher and Martin John in 1st,2nd & 3rd. Very well done indeed.

Our 4th prize winner was ‘Lady Madonna’ yet another one from the Portugal Pair that although young are creating a very impressive CV  very quickly not only in One Loft Races but club and Combine races.

Her nest sister is ‘A Whole Lot Of Rosie’ that is also flying consistently in the Algarve Great Derby.

It was a good working race with a winning speed of all four first drop on 1160 ypm.

There are obviously no guarantees but it would be nice for some form or even some good luck to continue to next weeks final from Ramsgate.