Yesterday was our program race from Morlincourt a distance of around 280 km. Birds were liberated in a southerly wind turning south east en route but ending in a due east direction in the last 50km and it was a case of the wind decides the winners.

We are around three minutes off the winners so no very early prizes in the top ten , however our birds raced very well as a team. Our team arrived very close together after our first one with 30 prizes from 32 entries and 5 birds in the top 100 in our Combine against 3,485 birds winning 35th, 55th,56th,88th and 98th.


3rd place Brabant 2000 Morlincourt Grootmeester competion against 657 members and 17,615 entries.

The latest championship is the ‘Grootmeester’ competition and is calculated by the prize positions with number of entries that identifies the best team performance race by race. We are very pleased to have the 3rd position in the Provincial Brabant 2000 from Morlincourt against 17,615 birds eneterd by 657 members.

NL22-2217954 our first bird from Morlincourt.


Our multiple prize winning hen and our 2nd bird from Morlincourt.


NL23-2310415 our third bird from Morlincourt.


NL20-2009612 a previous winner and our fourth bird from Morlincourt.


NL23-2310426 our fifth bird from Morlincourt.