The 7th of July 2018 saw the first young bird race of the season take place from Bierges a new race point around 120 km to Nieuwendijk. We have been very careful training the young bird team as losses have been very heavy indeed in the area for many top fanciers. From a start of 73 youngsters we have managed to send 62 to the first . Due to an erratic start to the breeding season, most youngsters were bred from the racers this year, and they came very well from the first race.

Club 499 birds…1st,4th,5th,7th,8th,10th,11th,12th,14th,19th,22nd,27th and so on

Union de Baronie 3,443 birds sent by 132 members…1st,21st,25th,33rd,34th,36th,37th,39th,42nd etc with 31 prizes from 62 entries.

First bird NL18-5191611 from Bierges winning 1st Combine 3.443 birds


Second bird from Bierges NL18-5191581  winning 21st Combine 3,443 birds…


Third bird from Bierges NL18-3811022 winning 25th Combine 3,443 birds


Fourth bird from Bierges NL18-3811057 winning 33rd Combine 3,443 birds


Fifth bird from Bierges NL18-3811056 winning 34th Combine 3,443 birds


Sixth bird from Bierges NL18-3811023 winning 36th Combine 3,443 birds


Seventh bird from Bierges NL18-3811035 winning 37th Combine 3,443 birds


Eighth bird from Bierges NL18-3811041 winning 39th Combine 3,443 birds


Ninth bird from Bierges NL18-3811048 winning 42nd Combine 3,443 birds


Tenth bird from Bierges GB18F28180 winning 129th Combine 3,443 birds