*This is Special One bred by Jan Hooymans direct from Harry and he is the father of our first bird from Sens yesterday. 

After a two week lay off waiting for a change of weather, the wind finally turned from the east to a north west. On Saturday 7th July we had two NPO Old Bird races and both went well.

La Souterraine a distance of 665 km to Nieuwendijk had a tough fly with over 10 hours on the wing.

Club 31 b…1st,4th,5th,6th 4 prizes from 6 entries.

Union de Baronie 580 b…3rd,35th,40th,50th

NPO 3.087 b…14th,114th,122nd,147th

First bird was NL16-1663062
Our first bird from La Souterraine winning 1st club ,14th NPO 3,087 birds.
Also our 1st bird from Criel two weeks on the bounce earlier in the season winning 24th Combine 2,435 birds and 14th Combine 3,001 birds


Second bird was NL17-1375934 winning 114th NPO La Souterraine 3,087 birds.
Previous winner of winner of 3rd Orleans 161 birds , 6th Fed 565 birds & 40th Combine 1,419 birds


Third bird was NL17-1375944 winning 122nd NPO La Souterraine 3,087 birds.


Fourth bird NL16-1663075 winning 147th NPO La Souterraine 3,087 birds. Previous winner of 15th Combine Criel against 3001 birds , 91st Combine Creil against 2,435 birds and 88th NPO Fontenay against 6,916 birds this season…


Our second Old Bird Race was from Sens a disatnce of 415km to Nieuwendijk.

Club 116 birds…3rd,10th

Union de Baronie 1.030 birds…56th , 125th

First bird from Sens is NL17-3723715 winning 56th Combine 1.030 birds


Our second bird NL17-3723686 winning 56th Combine Sens 1,030 birds through the Harry line on his sires side and a super well bred hen from the top loft of de Hoogh and Son…