This is a blast from the past. Approaching 30 years ago.!!
This dark cock is from 1982. He was a direct son of the infamous ‘Black Murderer Couple’ of Marcel Braakhuis that I owned.
On a visit to Jan Van Neerbos and Son Tony of Tiel in the Netherlands in the early nineties we discussed the old bloodlines. Family Neerbos were renowned long distance fliers and their loft was based on a round from Braakhuis and a round from Van de Wegen in 1982.
Tony and Father Jan Van Neerbos mentioned that the only pair he dd not have anything from was direct from the Black Murderer couple.
A year or so later I bred a really nice quality young dark dock from my old Black Cock when he was paired to a daughter of the Oude Doffertje 1 of Albert Simons of Roosteren, so just the bloodline that would suit Neerbos.
That summer I visited them and presented them with a gift of the young dark cock. Delighted as they were with the quality of the youngster they were quite adamant that they did not want him as a gift but would insist on paying for him.
As a gesture I agreed the price of one Dutch Guilder. (Approx 60 pence at the time!).
Four years later Van Neerbos and son won 1st National in the famous St Vincent race against 10,084 birds with a son of my young dark cock. The son of the dark cock in the photo..
When they sold the winner and parents including the cock I bred to the Far East , they told me why they wanted to own him and not have him as a gift. It would be theirs to sell, if they wanted without having to worry about what I expected from it.
I could only agree with them as things like that can be messy in a friendship. This approach at least was clear cut and I still remain friends years later.

What about the old dark cock though. What quality. I wish I had him now. Who wouldn’t.