The Candidate…


Last Autumn we bought a young late bred cock (thought it was a hen) from the Golden 10 auction in the Netherlands. The young cock is a son of Cor de Heijde’s super race cock ‘De Favoriet’ and has matured into a really nice handling yearling.

For his first nest this season he was coupled him with a hen that was gifted back to us by Albert Tarleton. She is perfectly suited to him and in the first nest they bred two beauties.

The more  I think of the bloodline on both sides of the pedigree, the more I think it would be ideal for the Million Dollar Race in South Africa as they are fast maturing 9 hours plus on the wing lines as youngsters.

As the hen from the first nest is a white flight she has been ruled out already, however the young cock is  real super quality with a small well muscled body, tight vents, lovely soft feathers and a one pin tail.

We have at least another month to select our team, however he is certainly a ‘Candidate’..

Candidate Pedigree