Very few fanciers could not have not noticed the incredible race  results of Willem De Bruijn in Reeuwijk, Netherlands this last ten years and more. And very few can not have noticed the impact his birds have had for Europe’s very best fanciers , improving even the very strongest teams to even higher levels.

I first visited Willem in 1998 when he was fully committed to his  Dental profession as well as his hobby. He raced at an extremely high performance then, over twenty years ago, but in recent years he has retired and taken his sport to a totally new level.

Willem is a racer and only selects for racing performance. His Province in South Holland has without any doubt some of the strongest competitors in the Pigeon Sport and traditionally always has done.

The base of his colony was from birds obtained many years ago from the original Janssen / De Klak bloodlines of the legendary Gebroeders de Wit. These have proven a very solid base and Willems philosophy to improve his performance level has been very much influenced by his long term friend and travelling companion Ad Schaerlaeckens. For years they have visited most fanciers that have hit the headlines and introduced their winning genes by buying rounds of youngsters, often for several seasons and racing the introductions retaining only the very best performers for future crossing and eliminating everything else with no mercy and moving forward every year with higher overall winning genes.

Its a plan that after many years only results in higher performance for himself and others.

Of the various birds introduced, probably the most influential have been the original incredible birds from Heremans Ceusters brought in to race and select from at arguably their peak time in the early years of the new millenium.  Probably 60% of the present colony are of these lines, of course crossed with his original base.

These days Willem devotes all of his time to his hobby and family especially his grand kids and it is very rare that he will allow any visitors to his home and lofts. I was very fortunate having an old relationship to not only visit recently but add to our own breeding loft some additional hand picked individuals bred from the principle birds.

One really nice young cock selected was NL20-1775679 ‘Yuri’ a strongly muscled , top quality summer hatched cock that is moulting out with beautiful soft silky feathering. As far as his bloodline is concerned he is bred from ‘Uranus’ a winner himself of 2nd Dutch National Ace Young Bird and now one of his new star breeders having bred ‘Secretariat’ winner of 1st Dutch National Ace Young Bird WHZB in 2019. Mother of ‘Yuri’ is ‘Olga’ another 1st Dutch National Ace Middle Distance winner.

‘Yuri’ NL20-1775679 is maturing into a real top quality young cock that will be in our breeding plans next year.

Pedigree of ‘Yuri’…From a 2nd National Ace that bred a 1st National Ace when he was paired to another 1st National Ace!! Only results.


Another  really sweet hen selected on the visit was NL20-1775681 ‘Maggy Murphy’ a direct daughter of Willem’s new talisman ‘Murphy’s Law’ when paired to ‘Tatjana’ a top racing hen with an incredible ancestry.

The results of ‘Murphy’s Law’:

*1st Nat.Asduif FCI De Allerbeste
*4th Nat.Asduif Midfond NPO

*1st Pointoise 9.705 b
(1st Overall 26.648 b)
*3rd Fontenay 11.526 b
*4th Peronne 2.211 b
*6th Pt. St. Max 2.573 b
*7th Asse Zelik 2.278 b
*8th Pt. St. Max 2.468 b
*9th Duffel 4.063 b
*10th Sezanne 4.719 b
*11th Duffel 1.753 b
*11th Quievrain 1.538 b
*11th Peronne 1.015 b
*14th Peronne 2.495 b
*16th Melun 4.511 b
*18th Peronne 2.946 b
*25th Duffel 4.098 b

All as a young bird & yearling!

‘Maggy Murphy’ NL20-1775681. We were very kindly offered a selection from ‘Murphy’s Law’ but the choice was very easy! This young hen is of a very rare class indeed.

Pedigree of ‘Maggy Murphy’ and it is absolute performance gold!