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Setting our goals higher and higher each year

Peter FoxIt is still our belief that to achieve the highest goals possible you have to set your goals higher and higher every year.
It is our opinion that to compete at the highest level it is important to introduce the winning genes from multiple performing individuals and multiple winning families, that are capable of performing at the top of the prize list week after week.

The national championships in Holland, Belgium and Germany identify some top fanciers and super birds. On our foreign visits we select the bloodlines that achieve the highest awards for the top fanciers year after year.

Famous strain names and so called pure families are of little interest to us. It is the absolute top line of pre-potent individuals that we feel can produce racers of the highest quality.


Breeding Lofts in North Wales

Breeding Lofts in North Wales

Birds of these bloodlines are tested by ourselves and our partner in the biggest one loft races around the world, Mike Ganus of Ganus Family Lofts, Indiana, USA. Mike is owner of arguably the strongest breeding loft in the world, with over 30 National Ace and Olympiade champions currently at stock.

Ganus Family Loft

Breeding Lofts in Indiana

Remarkable success has been achieved not only in these one loft races but also at Mikes partner loft in Holland managed by Hans and Peter Colijn.

Racing Lofts in Nieuwendijk

Racing Lofts in Nieuwendijk

“The best paired to the best, tested against the best inevitably produces the best!”