The Golden Algarve Race is a new one loft race in Portugal that was held for the first time in 2012. The objective of the race is to support childrens charities and it was very nice to see the race very well supported in its first attempt with over €260,000 competed for in prizes plus a car for the Ace Pigeon.

Much younger looking Peter and Mike collecting the 'American Ace' car...

Much younger looking Peter and Mike collecting the ‘American Ace’ car…

The Silver Semi Final race was held from Castello Branco a distance of 290 km and we were pleased to receive a call from Nigel Langstaff with the news that their entry ‘Fontwell Eclipse’ entered in the Crammond,Langstaff & Gilbert team won 1st U.K. and 11th International . The bird was bred from their 1st N.F.C. winner that is through the Figo bloodline when he was coupled to a yearling hen from us. She is a daughter of our Outlaw cock (Also Figo) when he was coupled to Steffi our good breeding daughter of Golden Gaby.   Nigel also informed us that their 1st bird home to win 3rd Section and 56th Open in the very tough Fourges N.F.C. Young Bird National this year was the same way bred. So very well done indeed to all concerned and good luck with the pair next year.

The final or Gold Race was held from Braganca a distance of 505 km on September 29th. Three birds were on the drop 9 minutes ahead  from the 503 bird entry.

Gareth Williams of Pembrokeshire called to say his entry ‘Alibaba’ was in this drop and 3rd bird on the trap to win 1st U.K. and 3rd International. This bird was also 3rd Overall Ace Pigeon over the 24 race series.

The sire of this bird was interestingly enough another cock through the Figo lines and we were very pleased to hear the dam was bred by ourselves in Nieuwendijk.

Her sire was ‘Ferguson’  bred from ‘Topo’ ( 1st Dutch National Ace Middle Distance) one of the best breeder and racers of all time, when he was coupled to a daughter of the famous ‘Sissi’.  Her dam was ‘Elise’ and she was bred from ‘Syndicate American Ace’ winner of 1st Ace Pigeon in the Europa Classic One Loft Race in 2003 winning a new car. He was coupled to ‘Syndicate Britannia’ winner of 1st Vegas Race in 2001 winning over $74,000.

Maybe this is a good example of ‘Horses for Courses’…GFL1997-216 ‘Classic Winner’ won 1st place in the Florida State Classic Race from 370 miles as a youngster. She was from Mikes great ‘Continental Class’ (Young Merckx) and ‘Graingers Diamond’ bloodline.

‘Classic Winner’ when paired to a son of ‘Topo’ bred ‘Britannia’ winner of the Vegas Race.

‘Britannia’ when paired to our ‘Olympus’ (a son of ‘Pinacle’ 1st Dutch National Ace Middle Distance) bred ‘Super Glue’ our winner of 1st Place Channel Challenge One Loft Race’

‘Britannia’ when paired to ‘Casanova’ ( another 1st Dutch National Ace Middle Distance) bred our good hen ‘Rosetta’ the dam of Maurice O’Donnell’s great breeding cock that has bred his winning birds in the Sun City Race and many other One Loft events.

‘Britannia’ when paired to ‘American Ace’ (also a son of Olympus) bred the dam of’Alibaba’ the Gareth Williams Algarve pigeon.

Winners to winners inevitably produce other winners!!

We ourselves did not enter this race this year but it is our intention to have a go next year….maybe with One Loft Race winning bloodline crossed with ‘Figo’?