*Foxy Lady not only a super racer but probably an even more exceptional breeder! She is certainly the best we have ever had. 


This week we saw two money races take place in the two principle Algarve races The Golden Race and the Great Derby.

We are very pleased to get off to a good start with both races but it must also be said that it is very early days and a lot can happen between ow and the finals.

Also very pleased to say it is grandchildren of Foxy Lady providing our first birds in both races.

First race was Ace Pigeon Race 2 of the Algarve Golden Race on Friday 3rd September when   5637 birds were basketted from an original entry of 6878 birds for the race from Campo Meior a distance of 206km.

Our first pigeon winning 1st UK and 3rd Overall was a young blue cock ‘Fast Rik’ bred from Little Big Man (Propere 10 x Foxy Lady) x Ariel  (Zoon Guus 1 x Red Athena). ‘Little Big Man ‘ is proving to be a top class breeding cock at all levels including breeding the sire of Elins Dream the winner of 31st in the Final of the Algarve Great Derby Last Year in a really tough race for Neil Bates and Shaun Cooke.  Little Big Man is also a full brother to ‘The Blue Fox’ a quite exceptional One Loft Race breeder for Miles Foster, Sons and Daughter.

Fast Rik  1st UK, 3rd Ace Pigeon Race 2 Algarve Golden Race against 5637 birds from 206 km.

Algarve Golden Race Ace Pigeon Race 2 with 5637 entries.


The second Algarve Race of the week was flown Saturday 4th September and was the first Race of the Algarve Great Derby when 2798 birds were entered from an original entry of 3101 birds from Vidigueira a distance of 140 km and we are very pleased with three early ones in the top hundred.

First pigeon was ‘Layla’ winning 2nd UK and 8th Overall against 2798 birds. She yet another grandchild of Foxy Lady being bred from Primo x Cinnamon Girl with the golden bloodlines of Drum, Young Couple, and War Drum in her pedigree.

Layla 2nd and 8th Overall Race 1 Algarve Great Derby 2798 birds.


Our second bird was Eleanor Rigby winning 90th Overall against 2738 birds and she is bred from one of our future very promising talents the ‘Blue Spider’ bred by Luc and Hilde Sioen from their winder breeding cock ‘Spidey’ sire of 3 x 1st Belgian National races in recent years and considered the best breeding cock of his generation.

Eleanor Rigby winner of 90th Race 1 Algarve Great Derby 140 km against 2738 birds.


Our third bird winning 98th overall against 2738 birds is ‘Midnight Moses’ an outstanding quality blue cock bred from ‘The Portugal Pair’ that are right at the top of the very best breeding couples we have at the moment. ‘Midnight Moses’ stood out when we were selecting for this race , he was just shining with health and vitality. We also selected his full sister ‘A Whole Lot Of Rosie’ and she was our next bird in the result.  Early days but we hope they hit form at the right time.

Midnight Moses winning 98th Overall against 2738 birds, a son of Pharoah and Femke… ‘The Portugal Pair’ a real bulls eye of a breeding pair.


Algarve Great Derby Race 1 with 2738 entries.