Today was the first Race in the Algarve Great Derby from 150 km against an entry of 2,636 birds.

Congratulations must go to Team Tinks Treasures (Mr and Mrs M.Ward) on a really top class perfrfomance winning 1st overall and 9th,12th,30th and 32nd …

Their first bird ‘Bossy Link’ for 1st Overall is a remarkable prospect in this race series as he also won 1st UK, 3rd overall against 2,691 entries last Tuesday in Hot Spot Race 3. We are very pleased indeed to have bred the sire of ‘Bossy Tink’ from ‘Yuri’ bred by Willem de Bruijn from his champion racer and breeder ‘Uranus’ when he was coupled to the super hen ‘Olga’. ‘Yuri’ was paired to ‘Sweet Caroline’  also bred by Willem de Bruijn to breed the sire of ‘Bossy Tink’.

This cock ‘Yuri’ also bred our 1st bird in last years Algarve Golden Race final winning 50th International in a very tricky contest. Mark also reports the dam of ‘Bossy Tink’ was a gift bird from Martin and Buck de Kruif herself a granddaughter of the same ‘Uranus’. Excellent bloodlines and a top performance.

We are also very pleased with our own two early birds.

Winning 28th Overall is ‘Super Spider’ a blue hen from our ‘Blue Spider’ one of our new young breeding talents being bred by Luc and Hilde Sioen from ‘Spidey’ sire of three first Belgian National winners and one of the best breeding cocks on the continent of the last 10 or 15 years. Once again his basic bloodline is the golden thread of Willem de Bruijn.

Dam of ‘Super Spider’ is ‘Golden Eye’ one of the last daughters of our great breeder ‘Brave’ when he was also paired to ‘Sweet Caroline’ the granddam of ‘Bossy Tink’.

‘Blue Spider’ a new introduction from Luc and Hilde Sioen, and sire of ‘Super Spider’. He is a direct son of the incredible breeder ‘Spidey’.

‘Sweet Caroline’ a special breeding hen. She is granddam of the 1st and 35th overall winners in todays Algarve Great Derby Race 1 against 2,636 birds.

‘Pedigree of ‘Super Spider’ winner of 28th Overall in todays Algarve Great Derby Race 1 against 2636 birds.


Our second bird was ‘Miss Murphy’ winning 35th Overall against 2,636 birds a daughter of ‘Yuri’ when he was coupled to ‘Murpy’s Diamond’ a daughter of ‘Murpys Law’ of Willem de Bruijn.

It is becoming very clear that ‘Yuri’ is becoming a very good breeder and in fact all of the Willem de Bruijn genes we have either direct or through Luc and Hilde Sioen and Michel Lossingnol are something very special.

Pedigree of ‘Miss Murphy’ winner of 35th Overall in Race 1 of todays Algarve Great Derby against 2,636 birds.  She is a full sister of ‘Sweet William’ our 1st bird in last years Algarve Golden Race final winning 3rd place UK and 50th Final overall against 4565 birds.


Yuri a young cock with a big future in our breeding loft…

‘Murphy’s Diamond’ a daughter of Murphys Law of Willem de Bruijn that we are very excited about in our breeding loft.