This year we planned a special mating with Genie’ our great breeding daughter of ‘Drum’ and ‘Gerrie’ with the ‘Replay’ cock of Peter van der Merwe.

Sadly Replay didn’t fill his eggs, but we were more than pleased to pair her to his fantastic son ‘Amigo’. The youngsters turned out really top class and both ourselves and Peter look forward to the 2013 breeding season with them.

Amigo was a fantastic racer winning 3 x 1st prizes plus 4th Peronne 44.240b ~ 16th Creil 38.401b ~ 2nd Ablis 4.568b and 1st Ace Pigeon Short distance and 1st Ace Pigeon All Round Drechten Federation in the Dutch Hotbed of Dortrecht in South Holland.

He is also brother to ‘Graz’ winner of 3 x 1st prizes  plus 9th Nat.NPO Bourges 12.905b ~ 29th Nat.NPO Tours 10.976b ~ 37th Nat.NPO Orleans .

He is also a half brother to

‘Nathalie’ 1st Nat.NPO Chantilly 30.074b

‘Pickeur’ 1st Provincial Ablis 40.268b

‘Brit’ 1st Niergnies 3587b~4th Nat.NPO Bourges 11.311b~5th Nat.NPO Tours 11.270b

His father Replay was bred by Marcel Sangers from two direct Koopmans of the ‘Kleine Dirk’ line and his mother ‘Black 872’ is from the base Tournier x Van Loon lines and was also a winner of 3 x 1st prizes plus 9th Nat.NPO Orleans 14.093b.

As a breeder Amigo is supreme being sire of ‘Joy’ winner of 1st Nat.NPO Ablis 15.871b and a car winner against 78.219b ~ He is also sire of 2nd Nat.NPO Sezanne 21.720b, 1st Provincial Mantes la Jolie 3095b and grand sire of 1st Nat NPO Mantes la Jolie 31.758b and 4th Nat.NPO Peronne 19.944b.

So Amigo is a great racer with plenty of winning children,grandchildren, brothers and sisters with a superb winning pedigree….the kind of bloodline we are always looking for.