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André Devroye – 1st InterProvincial Nevers 3,609 Old Birds

André Devroye grew up in Waanrode, Flemish Brabant. There he was infected by the pigeon microbe via his father.

In 1987 he started butchery “Op den Nekkerspoel” in Mechelen and since 1992 a loft was installed and he started to race with the pigeons in his own name.

Saturday was the day for an accolade of flowers for André when his BE19-6207230 won Interprovincial Nevers against 3,609 old birds and in Flemish Brabant he was also fastest of 1,509 old + yearlings. The chequered cock came home like a rocket at 11:42.08h. After a flight of 460.43 km she thus arrived at an average speed of 1631.95 mpm. . André saw him drop himself but was first convinced that it was one of the team entered at Sermaises.

Butchery is a heavy, time-consuming trade and the pigeon game always came second. His pigeons are not short of anything, but time has to be split and everything is always first dedicated to the butchery, then only to the pigeons. Fortunately thanks to the electronical timing, André can more easily combine the pigeon game with the business and still have time for his wife Agnes.

Because the butcher’s shop is closed on Sundays André originally raced only Quiévrain and Noyon. He did this successfully. In ten years he was from Noyon six times general champion in the Zuiderbond. Later a little more time was free and the team was also sent to the longer races, here too he was successful with a Provincial victory from Marseille. André is currently retired and he can now enjoy his pigeons even more and his wife.

The base of the loft there at Nekkerspoel is formed by pigeons of Francois Tobback, Hofstade. In 1992 this was supplemented by Lambrechts-Lismont (Kortenaken) and with youngsters from his Uncle André Clemens (Kortenaken). From  Dirk Van Dyck he purchased a daughter from “the Zeerover”. Pigeons came from the lines “Superman” and “Napoleon” by Jos Thoné and at the sale of Victor Lemmens (Orsmaal) four pigeons from the bloodlines of Engels and Verbruggen were purchased.

André continues to invest in the quality of his loft, and there are pigeons of various, often Kempense, toppers in his loft. The winning pigeon comes from the mother’s side from André’s own kind and on his father’s side Broeckx-Van Hees. The grandmother is a full sister of “Katarina” BE14-6030756 of Luc Van Mechelen (9th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB) when paired to a son of “Katarina” and “Rudy Boy” Gaby Vandenabeele.

Currently Devroye flies with 24 cocks and 10 hens on classic widowhood. André has 16 breeding couple and rears 120 youngsters. Far too much he laughs himself, there is after all, only room for 75 youngsters, and yet he makes the same mistake every year.

On this flight André had 4 old birds and 2 years old. The winner raced 2 x as a youngster

Sermaises, as yearling 8x (four times 1/20 and once 1/10). This year he flew 1 x Quiévrain, 2 x Noyons, 2 x Meluns and 3x Sermaises in preparation.

At La Châtre he won a prize and flew Argenton next. This flight was actually a preparation for Cahors, but this victory changes plans. The pigeon will now continue to be raced on flights like this.

André races on classical widowhood, in the beginning of the season his pigeons are trained by road once or three times and they continue to exercise at home twice a day, an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. A relic from Roger’s time as a self-employed person, there was just when there was no spare time.

They are race dry and at basketing no hens are shown and when returning home from the first four sprint races couples remain together for 1 or 2 days and from the Hafo flights this is reduced to 1 to 2 hours. Only the youngsters are darkened.

For the season André consults Veterinarian Johan Nijs (Itegem). During the season he visits for the mandatory vaccinations and after the season André pays him another visit “for a check up”. Nothing else is used as long as they’re okay.

When returning home, there are electrolytes and vitamins in the drinking pot and sufficient Moulting mixture to eat. The pigeons are fed individually. André gives only Beyers and Versele-Laga.

Monday and Tuesday, Gerry Plus with olive oil and animal protein. Wednesday half moult/half sport with garlic oil, brewer’s yeast and previously buckwheat flour although this is he doesn’t anymore and doesn’t really much difference in performance.

Thursday 100% Energy with vitamins and electrolytes.

Friday morning 100% Energy, after 2 hours excess feed is removed, and in the afternoon some small seed and ground peanuts are given.

The winning pigeon will as already indicated now not go to National Cahors as planned but will continue to be used for the Hafo flights. What about Andre? The butcher continues to enjoy his retirement and time with Agnes and the pigeons. He started to race with hens this season, so far it has been a great success but now he has the time he is already looking to alter the system and improve the results in the future.


Translation Witpen