This is another carefully selected hen that has been brought in to strengthen our breeding loft for 2022.  I must once again thank not only Rik Hermans but also Luc and Hilde Sioen for the patience shown to a very demanding customer (me!).

I was very impressed indeed with the children of Spidey that I brought in last year. ‘Spidey’ is considered probably the best  breeding cock in Belgium of the last ten years. He is truly a World Class Breeder, sire of:
1st Nat. Argenton 15,235 b.
1st Nat. Limoges 9661 b.
28thNat.Chateauroux13,098 b
1st Nat. Poitiers 14,109 b
13 minutes ahead!
(1st fastest 26,486 b)
2nd Nat. Argenton 15,235 b
1st Nat. Zone Chateau 1010 b
2nd Cleremont 6144 b
25th Nat. Argenton 11,823 b
44th Nat. Bourges 20,284 b
68th Nat. Gueret 5331 b
73rd Nat. Bourges 20,397 b
6thNat. La Souterraine 9760 b
15th Nat. Chateauroux 8640 b
4th Nat. Zone Vierzon 1160 b.
35th Prov. Pontoise 10,712 b
Also half brother to:
1st Nanteuil 34,200 b
2nd Nat Bourges 13,490 b
10/001:4th Mantes 11,778 b
2nd Creil 12,675 b
7th Nat.Chateauroux 22,322 b
09/357:1st 1994 b, 1st 320 b , 2nd 1992 b, 2nd 1063 b

The thing that makes Luc and Hilde very special is the strength of breeding and racing performance on the female side, so when I asked Luc and Hilde for something with a multiple performance hen at National level with many other siblings  that have a top CV of there own, they did not let me down by choosing the top hen ‘Leonne’ to pair to Spidey.

As can be seen on the pedigree ‘Leonne’ has results at short, middle and long distance against many thousands. Her mother ‘Big Bubbles’ is the foundation hen and everything is built around her.

To breed ‘Leonne’ she was paired to ‘Olympic Inbreeding’ bred by Willem de Bruijn from “Olympic Froome” raced by C and M Everling and winner of 1st Olympiad bird Category G in Nitra 2013 with a records list showing among others a 2nd NPO Argenton against 7796 pigeons, a 4th Mantes La Jolie against a stunning 10,446 pigeons, a 1st Peronne against 1627 pigeons, a 4th Pommeroeil against 3105 pigeons etc.,

“Olympic Froome” was actually born out of two Olympiad birds, his father being Willem de Bruijn’s “Olympic Hurricane”*Olympiade Duif Poznan ’11 *1st Ablis 2132 b *1st Pommeroeul 2753 b *7th Duffel 5535 b *5th Mantes La J 793 b *30th Duffel 5031 b when he was paired to “Olympic Sharon” of C & M Everling winner of 1st Acepigeon Allround TBOTB 2010, 2nd Acepigeon Allround Europacup 2010, 2nd Olympiad pigeon Category G in 2011, 5th best hen WHZB in 2010 and 6th Acepigeon WHZB in 2010. All these titles were the results of a records list containing performances such as 1st Peronne against 3257 pigeons and 1st Creil against 2366 pigeons.

Indeed, Cees and Maurice Everling regularly breed together with Willem de Bruijn, especially with the aim of putting Olympiad birds together. A privilege resulting from their long standing friendship!

Dam of “Olympic Inbreeding” is ‘Olympic Sharon’ so “Olympic Froome” was paired back to his own mother.

Results and nothing but results are the end product in the predominantly Heremans Ceusters bloodline…

“Annika” a beautiful hen with quite incredible winning DNA…

The perfect wing of “Annika”…

Eye shot of ‘Anneke’ ..

‘Leone’ … mother of ‘Annika’…

‘Rhianna’…from a full brother to ‘Leonne’…