We had a very welcome message from Tadashi in Japan via Rik Hermans that we include below.

Tadashi reports yet another winner bred direct from GB13V28525 ‘KAMASORI BOMBER’ for his friend Mr Ideura winning 1st place NDK Tuskada One Loft Race 200km with JPN18-045767 in a very tough race against 836 birds with a winning speed of 1037 m/m. Only 500 home on the day !

A grandchild of ‘KAMASORI BOMBER’ JPN-045761 was also 6th place in the same race.

‘KAMASORI BOMBER’ is a very well known breeder for Mr Ideura and is responsible for the  winners of  the biggest races in Japan, into the third generation.

‘KAMASORI BOMBER’ GB13V28525 was bred from ‘BANDIT’ and ‘MOONGLOW’ breeders of many good birds for ourselves and others around the world including ‘MOONSHINE’ the dam of the incredible ‘FOXY LADY’.

As reported we have a super quality young hen Lot 41 in our Doncaster Auction next Saturday direct from BANDIT and FOXY LADY.

We are confident she would please any serious fancier in the Sport.

Dear Rik,

I've sent some info about Mr.Ideura(my friends) to you.
Please let Peter know the info and news.

Mochimunekou(200Km)race at NDK Tuskuba one loft race,


Winner(18-045767 B cock) is papa:"Kamisori Bomber" GB13-V28525 and
mama:"Mona" B12-6135127 direct: Frank Punt 3rd prized bird(18-045768) is
also papa:"Kamisori Bomber"GB13-V28525  and mama: "Mona" B12-6135127 direct:
Frank Punt 6th prized bird(18-045761) is also grandchild "Kamisori Bomber"

Many thanks for your happy birds!