Today I had an interesting and very enjoyable visit to Michael Schilling a renowned exhibition Finch breeder who lives locally.

Michael is preparing some information for an article in the hobby magazine ‘Cage and Aviary’ and had invited Mr Bernard C Williams the author , international judge and authority on exibition Finches to view his current collection and add some historical background information about Michaels current line bred team of birds.

I was invited as although I know very little about Finches, my grandfather also Peter Fox was a very succesful exhibitor in the fifties and sixties and owned some really top class individuals, one of which is the Gold Finch featured in the oil painting displayed in the photo to be featured in the article. This cock was a multiple prize winning show bird in the mid sixties culminating in winning the prestigious Alexandra Palace National Show in London over sixty years ago and was my grandfathers pride and joy.  The oil painting is now owned by Michael Schilling was commisioned after his major success.

What a nice afternoon talking about the birds and it was also a reminder of my own heritage in the avian world.