This top class young hen was bred from One of Rik Hermans most promising future pairs ‘Zoon Guus 1’ x ‘Red Athena’ that have already bred some very useful racers in the short time they have been together.

Results of the first 2 cocks from this pair in Rik Hermans racing team :

* 15-326,

12th Belgian National Asduif fond jong KBDB 2015

8th National Bourges 19.889 b. 2016

58th National Chateauroux 10.442 b. (1st club -118 b) 2015

238th National Argenton 11.223 b. 2015

575th National Bourges 36.307 b. 2015

672nd National Issoudun 11.984 b. 2015

488th Zone Chateauroux 8666 b. 2015


* 15-379,

1st Melun 825 b. 2016

67th National Argenton 18.363 b. 2016


The Origin…

Son Guus is (with Goldpiece) also sire to 1. Souppes 1058 bs.

‘Zoon Guus 1’ was bred by Comb. Van Wanrooij the top Dutch fanciers from two real supers….

The father of ‘Zoon Guus 1’ is Guus winner of:

*1st Dutch National Asduif Oud WHZB 2011
*1st Prov/4th National Asduif Vitesse 2011
*1st Pommeroeul 28.158 b
*1st Pommeroeul 3.056 b
*1st Criel 1.947 b
*1st Perrone 1.259 b
*1st Pommeroeul 674 b
*2nd Nanteuil 1.116 b
*2nd Strombeek 942 b
*3rd Mantes la Jolie 528 b
*4th Nanteuil 10.915 b

The mother of ‘Zoon Guus 1’ is ‘Maxima’ winner of:

*1st Dutch National Asduif Snelheid NPO 2012                                                                                                   *1st Dutch National Asduif Snelheid WHZB 2012

*1st Peronne 6.397b
(Fastest Afd. 8 25.902b)
*1st Epehy 4.191b
*1st Duffel 2.341b
*1st Wolvertem 2.173b
*1st Duffel 1.527b
*1st Menen 957b


‘Red Athena’ was bred and raced by Rik Hermans to win 48th National Nevers against 11,579 birds.

Father of ‘Red Athena’ is ‘Rosten’ winner of:

*7th NationalTarbes 4.864 b
*20th National Montauban 6.654 b
*30th National Bourges 27.506 b

Mother of ‘Red Athena’ is the sensational ‘Athena’ one of the best racing and breeding hens in Europe, she was winner of:

*1st Dourdan 2.974 b   (1st overall 5.205 b)
*12th National La Souterraine 17.017 b
*12th National Gueret 13.885 b
*18th National Argenton 19.782 b
*33rd National La Chatre 21.180 b

So as you can see, ‘Ariel’ is not only a beautiful hen that  is perfect in the hand with nice rich eyes and silky feathers but her origin is based on the very best multiple performance birds on all lines of her pedigree crossed together…The type we are all looking for.




Pedigree Ariel