*This magnificent Checker Cock ‘Top Star’has been one of our principle breeders for this last few years breeding winners not only for our own loft but also many other fanciers in addition to scoring well in One Loft Races…He is also grandsire to our first two birds this week…his bloodline contains nothing but National Ace Winners and Olympiade Champions for many previous generations…

The new season kicked off yesterday with a pre-program race from Asse Zellik a distance of around 110km to Nieuwendijk. Although there was no points awarded for this race we were very pleased with a winning start.

Altena & Raamsdonksveer 20 members sent 497 birds…1st,2nd,3rd
Union de Baronie 80 members sent 1.506 birds…2nd,3rd,4th

First bird was NL14-3432678 a two year old cock that won last season as a yearling 1st from Roye against 216 club birds (47th Brabant 2000 vs 14.164 birds) and also won 1st the week before from Sens against 277 birds (26th Brabant 2000 vs 17.226 birds) and was also 4th club from Creil the week before that against 394 birds (26th Brabant 2000 vs 23.378 birds) and as a young bird won 1st Nanteuil against 255 birds (66th Brabant 2000 vs 17.015 birds)…He is definitely bred for the job being from multiple winning lines in every generation….His father is a direct Peter van der Merwe cock and is a son of Pikeur (son of Replay) a winner of 1st Ablis against 40.268 birds. He is also a the father of Miss Lucky 1st NPO Blois 15.172 birds and he is a full brother to Nathalie 1st NPO Chantilly 30.074 birds. The mother of NL14-3432678 is a daughter of our great racer ‘Mike’ NL11-1867164 winner of 1st Ace Pigeon Union de Baronie Middle Distance 2013 winning 11 prizes in 12 races. His father is ‘Top Star’ a great breeding son of ‘Young King (Young Couple) x ‘Chanel. His mother is ‘Sterre’ a daughter of ‘Jonge Super Champ’ (Son of Super Champ Orlando Verbree x Dtr.Godfather).This cock ‘Jonge Super Champ’ was a real good one and breeder of 1st Combine Houdeng 10,315 birds and 1st Combine Houdeng 12,491 birds.

Second bird was NL14-3432644 a winner of 1st club and fed against 1250 birds and 10th Combine against 4,703 birds from Quievrain last seasonin addition to 30th Combine Roye 3.398 birds and 35th Combine Quievrain as a youngster against 5,666 birds. She is bred from Belofte another son of Super 8 when coupled with a full sister to our ‘Mike’ 1st Midfond Ace Pigeon in the Union de Baronie in 2013 and is bred from Top Star (Young King x Chanel) x Sterre (Jonge Super Champ Orlando x Dtr King 1st Nat.Ace WHZB 1999) herself a winner of 17th NPO Salbris 8,079 birds and 18th NPO Montlucon 6,028 birds.

Third bird was GB14J04616 a daughter of Chico (Hannibal x Genie) paired to Astrid a direct daughter of the magnificent Favorite Couple from Leo Hermans. This hen scored 9th Combine as a yearling against 3901 birds from Feluy and the nest mate to this hen won 1st club,1st Fed and 4th Combine as a yearling from Asse Zelik against 3493 birds as well as scoring well as a youngster.

Uitslag Afd. 2 Ray3 Altena+Raamsdonksv
T13 vanuit Asse Zellik gelost op 02­04­16 om 13.15 Coordinaten: +5052517 / +0416518
Aantal deelnemers: 20 Aantal duiven in concours: 497
Ingezonden D: 2 Ingezonden W: 2 van totaal 5 verenigingen.
Plcyf Naam Woonplaats Ver Mee/Prs Ring Get Afstand Tijd Snelheid
===== ==================== ==================== ==== ======= ========== === ======== ======== ========
1 Colijn & Fox Nieuwendijk 1979 43/14 4‐3432678 30 109,395 14.26.23 1532,507
2 Colijn & Fox Nieuwendijk 1979 43/ 4‐3432644 5 2 14.26.24 1532,150
3 Colijn & Fox Nieuwendijk 1979 43/ 3‐0004616 37 3 14.26.26 1531,435
4 P. Bruygoms Hank 1915 16/4 5‐1784340 7 104,283 14.23.17 1527,223
5 Van Hemert‐Ouwerkerk Nieuwendijk 1915 43/14 2‐3217871 4 107,943 14.25.43 1526,080
6 Van Hemert‐Ouwerkerk Nieuwendijk 1915 43/ 4‐1139154 2 2 14.25.44 1525,720
7 Van Hemert‐Ouwerkerk Nieuwendijk 1915 43/ 4‐1139135 29 3 14.25.44 1525,720
8 Van Hemert‐Ouwerkerk Nieuwendijk 1915 43/ 4‐1139155 10 4 14.26.05 1518,209
9 Van Hemert‐Ouwerkerk Nieuwendijk 1915 43/ 5‐3513655 20 5 14.26.07 1517,498
10 M. Hoeke Hank 1915 43/15 4‐1139295 21 103,998 14.23.37 1515,643