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Morlincourt ~ 1st May 2021…

Third race of the season was from Morlincourt a distance of 208 km. Very nice indeed to win another 1st however we would have liked a better team performance as we experienced big gaps. It was however a good working race and the team can only improve as a result. Club 408 birds...1st,6th,15th,23rd,26th,27th Combine Union de Baronie  3986 birds...18th,67th,93rd Provincial 17,069 birds...100th Our first bird was NL20-1608518 a winner last year of  1st Club 463 birds, 14th Combine Nergnies  against 3914 birds and 5th Club 294 birds, 41st Combine Sens against 2305 birds.  He was bred by Jan Hooymans from [...]

2021-05-02T13:59:45+01:00May 2nd, 2021|News|0 Comments

MICHEL LOSSIGNOL – Golden Duif winner Belgium 2020…

The Duif Chronicles Online... Widely acknowledged as the most competitive award to win in the Continental Pigeon Sport is the 'Gouden Duif' award organized by De Duif pigeon sport magazine and the current winners of this award for Belgium the 'Cradle of the Sport' is Michel L0ssignol of Budingen.  This is their report reproduced from De Duif , written by Mike, the one and only!    Budingen, a piece of Flemish Brabant wedged between two pieces of Limburg. To enjoy the color splendor of the fruit blossoms that adorn the slopes of this landscape every year, we are in the wrong [...]

2021-04-28T15:05:37+01:00April 28th, 2021|News, The Duif Chronicles|0 Comments

Peronne 24/04/2021

Our second race of the season was from Peronne a distance of around 250 km to Nieuwendijk. Club 428 birds...2nd,3rd,6th,16th,28th,29th Combine 4008 birds...40th,41st,64th Provincial 19,963 birds ...21 prizes from 42 entries starting with 224th,228th Our first bird this week was NL20-1581102 a winner last season of 1st club Morlincourt against 431 birds scoring 38th Combine against 3529 birds and also scored 26th Combine Bierges in the first race of last season against 3561 birds. Breeding is through yet another good Peter Theunis breeder new to the stock loft with a a full sister of 1st Middle Distance Ace Union de [...]

2021-04-25T12:04:43+01:00April 25th, 2021|News|0 Comments

Bosmans Leekens…Play the ‘Starring Role’ from Vervins 2021….

After their fantastic 202o season that saw Marc Bosmans and Dirk Leekens with two Belgian National Victories from Geuret and Chateauroux...the 2021 season has started at the very top of the list with the Bosmans Leekens team playing the 'Staring Role' in West Limburg from Vervins with : 1st,2nd,4th,5th,6th,7th and so on Old Birds against 3875 entries and 1st,2nd.3rd,4th,5th,6th against 1974 Yearlings. They belong to the very best of Belgium without any doubt and their 'Lucky Luke' line continues to perform at the very highest level. Well done once again and many congratulations on your 'Red Hot' start to 2021.

2021-04-24T13:38:05+01:00April 24th, 2021|News, The Duif Chronicles|0 Comments

The Primo Rik…

This quite outstanding young cock has just arrived from the Golden 10 for our breeding loft. I must once again thank Rik Hermans for his selection skills, he is getting good !!, and we have to rename him 'Primo Rik'... Apart from his top quality shape, muscle structure, handling and silky feathers, his bloodline is quite fantastic in every thread of his pedigree. The best of the very best tested at the highest level. Lot 122 - B20-6198868 A handsome cock from the best of the colony! Via father also half-brother of 18-520 “Favoriteje”, 4th Belgian Ace pigeon all-round World [...]

2021-04-22T09:52:45+01:00April 22nd, 2021|News|0 Comments
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