I really love the old Lucky Luke and Milton bloodline of Dirk Leekens and have had some really top breeders with birds from this origin. In particular Nitro and Tango a hen we bred from Atomic and was recently returned to our breeding loft.

These original bloodlines are getting rarer as the originals are over 35 years old, however we are delighted to introduce this beautiful grizzle hen ‘Last Limburg’from Bosmans Leekens bred to perfection for Nitro and Atomic to retain as best as possible these golden lines that are still winning at every level.

‘Last Limburg’ was the last ever full sister for sale of Miss Limburg an iconic Champion, one of the very best, she won 1st National Chateauroux 5901b, 6 x 1st Club, ACE Pigeon and Olympiade Duiven , Budepest. Her sire “Son Lucky Luke” a direct son of ‘Lucky Luke’ when paired a daughter from Super Pappa a son of ‘Milton’ and ‘Super Mama’ parents of 11 x 1st Individual winners, plus Wonderprosje, Super 51, Westy etc.

Dam of ‘Last Limburg’ is from a daughter of ‘Zwarte Witpen 213’ winner of 10th National Bourges paired to the great racer ‘Witpen 218’ bred from a grandson of Milton.

It is of course very difficult to find these original lines but it is even more difficult to find bird with performances at the highest level in today’s races. ‘Last Limburg’ is bred for performance not just a pedigree.


Nitro a top breeding cock and a partner for ‘Last Limburg’.


Atomic, another candidate for ‘Last Limburg’.