Today is the final of the Belgian Masters One Loft Race. The birds were liberated in Blois this morning, a distance of 402 km to the loft and the leaders arrived just after 5 hours on the wing.

Some famous names are in the leading group with a birds bred by Dirk Van Dyke and flown with his Japanese partner in 2nd Open and Jan Hermans with his Chinese partner in 3rd and 4th position!!

More details to follow….

Update Wednesday 17.30pm

Super breeding performance from Jan and Rik Hermans with Miel Van den Branden. They have bred 7 birds in the top 21 prizes.

The Winner , BE12-8000038 (Thierry & Guy Defrene):

The Ace Pigeon Award winner also taking 3rd prize in the final race : BE-12-6140414 (China 999 – JHP)

 Update Thursday 08.30 am

Top auction for the Belgian Master 2012: The first ten in the prize list were sold in the afternoon of the race including the Ace Pigeon. The level of interest was phenomenal. Lot 1 sold for € 15.000 and goes to China, Lot 2 sold for € 20.000 and goes to Japan and Lot 3  (the Ace Pigeon) goes for € 20.000 also to China. In total the first ten prize winners made more than € 70.000 in total!