Club Tot Weerziens held their first race on 16th April 2022 from Bierges 110 km with 408 birds. This race was for club positions only and carries no points however a win is a win !

Bierges 16th April 2022…

1st,2nd,3rd,5th,6th,10th etc they came very well.  First bird was NL20-2009611

Our first bird in the clock from Bierges winning 1st against 408 birds and a previous winner of 1st club, 2nd Combine and 16th NPO against 10,000 plus birds from Sens…


The new program races began on 23rd April 2022 from Quivrain a distance of around 175 km and once again the birds came well.

Club 486 birds…1st,6th,7th,8th,9th,11th,12th,13th, with 28 prizes from 40 entries.

Union de Baronie 4430 birds….3rd,53rd,56th,77th,96th etc

Total Liberation 375 members sent 9778 birds…3rd

First bird was Blue hen NL20-1581151 winning 1st Club 480 birds and 3rd Provincial 9778 birds and a previous winner of 1st club Niergnies 400 birds,2nd Combine 2722 birds & 15th Provincial 13,130 birds, 32nd Combine  Niergnies 2757 birds, 95th Provincial 13,325 birds ,1st Chadeaudun 131 birds…10th Federation 1333 birds…56th National NPO 6277 birds and 2nd Melun 115 birds, 33rd Combine 1102 birds.

She was bred from CESAR a winner of 6 x 1st clubs for us when he was paired with a daughter of ZAPATA (Son Bandit x Moonglow) paired with our top breeding hen SISTER SPHINX. This is hen was bred by Rik Hermans and a top breeding hen for us and many others with her  offspring into the third and fourth generation.

Our winner of 1st Quivrain 480 birds this week.

Cesar our top Racer and becoming a tremendous breeder.  Some of his wins are :-                                                                              Fontenay. 232 birds – 1st. Federation 1863 birds – 8th. National NPO 9425 bird – 42nd
Orleans. 161 birds – 1st. Federation 1419 birds – 10th. National NPO 7383 birds- 17th
Melun. 173 birds – 1st. Federation 2474 birds- 4th. National NPO 13,540 birds – 10th
Quievrain. 147 birds – 1st Federation 1810 birds – 9th
Quievrain 168 birds – 1st Federation 1615 birds – 5th
Peronne 93 birds – 1st Federation 993 birds – 1st
Pont St Max 428 birds – 2nd Federation 4781 birds – 4th National NPO 22,709 birds – 66th
Melun. 337 birds – 2nd Federation 3387 birds – 9th. National NPO 17,305 – 30th
Morlincourt. 419 birds – 5th Federation 3124 birds – 30th. National NPO 15,027 – 98th


This is ‘SISTER SPHINX’ bred by Rik Hermans and a top breeding hen for us and many others with her  offspring into the third and fourth generation.

Our second bird was NL18-5191588

NL-18-5191588 – our second bird this week, and our best racers over the last five seasons. Once again as our main points nomination pigeon he was  responsible for our 1st General  Ace Loft Championship last season in the Combine against 250 members…

Our third bird was NL11-2009611 our winner from Bierges last week winning 1st against 408 birds.